BSHS Completion Program Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is the degree offered entirely online?

    • How long will it take to earn my BSHS completion degree?

    • Can I be enrolled as a part-time student or must I be enrolled as a full-time student?

    • How long do I have to complete the degree?

    • Will any of the credits from my associate degree transfer toward the BSHS completion degree?

    • Will I need to retake the core science and math courses if I graduated years ago, since they will be out of date?

    • Will any credits beyond my associate degree in a health profession transfer in for the BSHS degree?

    • How much will this degree cost?

    • How will I know what my schedule will look like, once I am accepted to the degree?

    • How many hours per week will I need to study?

    • What kind of resources and services are available to students studying online?

    • What computer proficiency is needed, and what are the technical requirements for online study?


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