Refund Policy & Requirements for Withdrawal & Return of Federal Financial Aid

Refund Policy & Requirements for Withdrawal & Return of Federal Financial Aid

If a student finds it necessary to withdraw from a course (or courses), he/she would initiate the withdrawal process by completing the drop/add form. The drop/add form is available in the records office (937-395-6615). The student must secure signatures from the instructor of each course (who will indicate the student’s last date of attendance and grade at the time of the withdrawal), the student’s academic advisor, and the financial aid office before submitting the form to the registrar’s office for processing.

Students withdrawing from a course during the first 10 business days of a 15- or 10-week course, or the 5th business day of a 5-week course, will receive no grade and a 100% tuition refund for the course (or courses). After the 10th business day, students may withdraw until the end of the 12th week of the semester in a 15-week course, the end of the 8th week in a 10-week course, and the end of the 3rd week in a 5-week course and receive a grade of WP or WF. There is no refund of tuition after the first 10 business days of the term.

For the purposes of computing the amount of refund due, if any, for students withdrawing, the last date of attendance will be used in the computation of the refund.

Return of Federal Financial Aid (Title IV)

Students receiving Title IV funds, who totally withdraw or are terminated from Kettering College prior to completing 60% of the term, may be entitled to a return of Title IV funds. The Return of Title IV Funds policy applies to every student receiving funds from the Federal Pell Grant and/or any Federal Direct Loan Program, including the PLUS Loan. Under the Return of Title IV Funds Policy, students need to be aware of the following:

1. A student earns federal financial aid funds based on the length of time he/she attended school each semester.

2. A student cannot earn 100% of the federal funds he/she is entitled to until he/she has completed more than 60% of the semester.

3.If a student withdraws from Kettering College, the last date of attendance determines the cut-off date for federal fund eligibility.

4. After the last date of attendance is determined, the College will determine the number of days the student attended as a percentage of the total number of days in the semester.

5. The College is not entitled to keep students’ unearned federal funds. Unearned federal funds that have already been posted to a student’s account must be returned to the government if a student withdraws before completing 60% of the semester.

6.Any student who needs to withdraw from Kettering College should speak with the financial aid office.

Students entitled to a return of Title IV funds will have funds returned to Title IV programs in the following order of priority:

●      Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan

●      Federal Subsidized Direct Loan

●      Federal Perkins Loan

●      Federal Direct PLUS (Graduate Student)

●      Federal Direct PLUS (Parent)

●      Federal Pell Grant


Title IV funds being returned will be distributed up to the amount disbursed from each federal financial aid program during that particular semester with the balance, if any, going to the next program in order.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Finance Office at (937) 395-6022 or email

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