Kettering College Marks 50th Anniversary with Plan for Affordable Tuition

Affordable. It’s an important word for anyone wanting to attend college.

To honor its 50th anniversary, Kettering College is pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating a plan to make health science education more affordable for students.

Kettering College is partnering with Kettering Health Network to offer a tuition assistance program to help cover student expenses.

The initiative, which can be combined with a 30 percent discount for network employees at Kettering College, is already rolling for nursing students completing their Bachelor’s degree.

Now the college is working to expand this tuition assistance program to all other undergraduate programs in the future, including sonography and respiratory care.

Right now up to $7000 a year in tuition assistance is given to nursing students through the program.

“We all know the costs of college are skyrocketing, and that graduating with large amounts of college debt is a huge concern for American families,” says Kettering College President, Nate Brandstater. “It’s really becoming a national problem and I’m really excited about the ways we’re innovating here.”

Kettering College is also taking an innovative approach to learning. The institution’s Inter-professional Educational Simulation Center invites multiple disciplines, such as nursing and occupational therapy students, to practice in a life-like emergency room setting.

This article was originally posted on Fox 45’s website on Wednesday, August 2, 2017.


Kettering College is now accepting all applications for Fall 2018, and still accepting applications for select Fall 2017 programs. 

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