Alcohol- and Drug-Free Campus

Kettering College is committed to having an alcohol- and drug-free campus. Therefore, the use or possession of alcohol or illicit drugs is strictly prohibited on campus and at College-sponsored events including college sponsored events that occur on school breaks such as mission trips or other service experiences.

Being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs on campus and/or while involved in clinical experience is prohibited. Refer to Kettering College’s substance abuse policy and procedure, which makes provision for disciplinary action should the student be suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

The College provides in-house advising and referral to community mental health agencies for students who identify themselves as needing recovery from chemical dependency.

Students should report the use of any medically authorized drugs or other substances that can impair job performance to a faculty member or clinical instructor. The student must provide proper written authorization from the prescribing physician, clearing the student to be involved in clinical training while taking the medication.