Assessment in Higher Education

Assessment in Higher Education

Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide
From the National Institute for Science Education, this site provides a primer on assessment that gives an overview of innovative alternative assessment strategies

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes
Provides links to numerous college and university assessment pages; especially useful for designing a comprehensive institution-wide assessment process
Alternative Classroom Assessment Sites

NCREL: Assessment
A collection of essays on philosophies of assessment with embedded links to supplemental information

Authentic Assessment Toolbox
Provides definitions of types of authentic assessments along with justifications for them and guidelines for designing each assessment process

Center for Instructional Innovation
Explores alternative assessment tools as well as subjects such as active learning, critical thinking and learning styles

Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence
Provides techniques for in-class assessment, developing collaborative and active learning situations and strategies that encourage student self-assessment

Critical Thinking Community
Guides faculty in the development of opportunities for ctitical thinking in all areas of course work

JMU: Assessment Resources
Excellent resource for developing a comprehensive institutional assessment program

Problem-Based Learning
From the University of Delaware, this site provides articles, sample scenarios for problem-based learning and access to the Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse

University of Virginia Teaching Resource Center: Teaching Concerns
Provides thoughtful discussions of aspects of the art of college teaching, covering such topics as use of concept mapping, evaluating cooperative learning, and creating and grading writing assignments