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Class Schedules (Fall 2018)

Fall 2018 Undergraduate Class Schedule

Fall 2018 Graduate Class Schedule

Fall 2018 HESC and BSN-C Online Class Schedule

Registration – General Information 

SOCHE REGISTRATION – “Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education.”  Students must register through Kettering College when taking a course through a SOCHE member college.  Approval is needed from student advisor, Records Office and SOCHE member college (

DUAL REGISTRATION – In situations where SOCHE policies do not apply, a student must obtain a written statement of course transferability through the records office.  Once equivalency has been established prior to dual registration at Kettering College and another institution, approval of Registrar is required prior to registering at another institution.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS – The College reserves the right to cancel a class with insufficient enrollment.

REMOVAL FROM COURSES – The College reserves the right to remove students from courses for which they are not eligible to register, this includes courses reserved for majors other than their own.

HYBRID COURSES – Combine on-campus class meetings with course activities completed via the Internet, are expected to meet at least 50% in face to face mode, and should have the dates of the face to face sessions identified in the course syllabus.  Identified in the Course Schedule as Type “HYB”.

ONLINE COURSES – Consist of learning activities accomplished via the Internet. No on-campus meetings are required. Identified in the Course Schedule as Type “OnL”.

REGISTRATION DATES FOR CURRENT STUDENTS – Will be published on the website:  Students who do not register in a timely manner may be closed out of desired courses.

LATE REGISTRATION – Current Students who do not register by the end of the semester will be assessed a $100.00 late registration fee.  If registration is not completed by end of the semester then current students must wait until the late registration date to formalize their registration.


REGISTRATION STEPS FOR NEW STUDENTS: ADMITTED DIRECTLY TO A MAJOR – For students newly admitted to a major will need to contact their department for registration instructions.

REGISTRATION STEPS FOR NEW STUDENTS: ADMITTED TO GEED/MAJOR – For new students admitted to General Education please see your admission letter for registration instructions.

Financial obligations for new students:

  • Acceptance deposit must be paid before registration can be completed, this includes International Student Deposits
  • Students may register once their Acceptance deposit has been paid. Then the student must pay initial $800 down payment or have financial aid in place to cover the tuition and fees for the semester (even with financial aid, the student may still need to make the initial payment) by the deadline for payment date (see website for semester deadline date) or be removed from registered courses.


  • Photos for ID badges will be taken during Registration Orientation for new students starting the Fall semester. ID badges will be available for pick-up during Pre week.
  • Photos for ID badges will be taken during Orientation for new students starting Winter and Summer semesters. ID cards will be available for pick-up during the first week of the semester.

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