Fall Semester 2014

Dean’s List:  Fall Semester 2014

In order to make the Kettering College Dean’s List, students must have completed at least 12 total credit hours during a semester at a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or greater, with no grade below a B-.

NOTE: Students who qualify for the list but opt out of release of “directory information” will not appear on the posted Dean’s Lists.

Abuamreh Kelly Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Aller Katherine Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Armstrong Alexandria Sonography, B.S.
Armstrong Noelle Human Biology, B.S.
Astor Brian Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Bangert Lisa Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Barber Laura Sonography, B.S.
Bayona Victor Human Biology, B.S.
Beisner Kayla Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Bentley Adrienne Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Benton Emily Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Berning Maria Sonography, B.S.
Bertline Gabrielle Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Bidlack Stephanie Health Sciences – Advanced Imaging
Bishop Victoria GEED/B.S.N.
Boger Ashley Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Bolibrzuch Julie Human Biology, B.S.
Booher Olivia Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Boone Jamie Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Bowling Devan Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Brempong Kwaku Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Britt Angela Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Broerman Megan Human Biology, B.S.
Brown Victoria Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Buckingham Jayna Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Campbell Bonnie Human Biology, B.S.
Cantrell Christopher Human Biology, B.S.
Canup Alicia Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Carroll Vanessa Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Carson Grace Sonography, B.S.
Carter Trina Nursing, B.S.N  Completion
Chambers Andrew Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Chujutalli Ricardo Human Biology, B.S.
Cockerham Karen Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Collins Christina Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Cornett Brook Respiratory Care, A.S.
Crowl Alexis Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Dang Van Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Davis Brittany Sonography, B.S.
Davis David Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Dennis Samantha Sonography, B.S.
Denniston Kaylee Sonography, B.S.
Deriveau Whooby Human Biology, B.S.
Deutsch Kristen Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Dickerson Daniel Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Dinwiddie Abbi Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Donovan Brittany Sonography, B.S.
Duritsch Christine GEED/B.S.N.
Edelmann Erika GEED/SONO
Edmondson Erica Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Eley Joshua Human Biology, B.S.
Elking Jade Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Elliott Lindsey Nursing B.S. (prelicensure)
Elson II Michael Human Biology, B.S.
Engle Danielle Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Fan Wei Sonography, B.S.
Farling Samantha Sonography, B.S.
Fasold Brooke Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Fay Allison Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Flagg Ian Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Florence Roosevelt Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Foote Seth Human Biology, B.S.
Foster Jamie Sonography, B.S.
France Madison Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Gallega Charwayne GEED/RTCA
Garcia Jade Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Gehret Erica Human Biology, B.S.
Gernert Christopher GEED/RTCA
Gillium Danielle Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Goldman Rachel Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Golomski Brianna Human Biology, B.S.
Grabill Julia Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Granby Kathryn Nursing, B.S.N  Completion
Gridley Joy Sonography, B.S.
Grillot Mary Sonography, B.S.
Grimes Heather Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Guisinger Drew Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Hatton Brooke GEED/B.S.N.
Hearn Ashton .
Heinkel Gwyneth Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Henninger Katelin Human.
Henry Monica Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Hermiller Korynne .
Herrera Virna Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Hess Paul Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Hountz Abigail
Houseman Jared
Howard Jennifer Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Howell Kaitlin Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Hoyt Nathan Human
Hurlburt Lauren
Hwang Esther Human
Jackson Lacey Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Jaraiseh Jiries Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Jarriel Ashley Human
Johnson Melinda
Jones Mauricio Human
Jones Trent Human
Kamwa Elvis Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Kelly Bethany Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Kena Eva Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Kerns Jill Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Khansari Mahshid Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Koors Tiffany Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Kriegelstein Morgan Sonography, B.S.
LaFave Ryan Human.
Landman Nathan Human.
Larracuente Adrianna GEED/B.S.N.
Lehmkuhl Kaitlyn Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Lemaster Rebecca Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Lesoine Abigail Human.
Lim Elizabeth Human.
Loch Christopher Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Luthman Heather
Maag Stacy
Mack Rachel Human.
Martin Courtney GEED/SONO
Martin Danielle Human
Maurer Caleb
McAdams Rebekah
McCord Lindsey Health Sciences – Management
McCormick Aileen Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
McGee Stephanie
McKenna Emily Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
McSurley Joleen GEED/B.S.N.
Meyer Angela GEED/SONO
Miller Francesca
Miller Morgan Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Miracle Roxanne GEED/SONO
Mitchell Robyn Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Mueller Rachel Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Newland Danielle GEED/SONO
Newman Heather Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Nguyen Hang Health Sciences – Respiratory Care
Overla Trey Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Palsgrove Taylor Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Papaioannou Vicki
Pennington Jason Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Petkewitz Jami Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Pruzaniec Anna
Reece Hannah Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Reigelsperger Kayla Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Riese Morgan Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Riley Kristy Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Roan Jennifer
Robinson Sarai Human.
Rogers Chelsea Human Biology, B.S.
Ronnebaum Holly Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Roper Courtney Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Roth Nicole Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Roth Zachary Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Rush Emily Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Sakal Chelsey Human Biology, B.S.
Sandy Janet Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Scanlan Melissa Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Schmackers Amanda Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Schmerber Paige Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Schmid Jennifer GEED/B.S.N.
Schmitz Alexis Human Biology, B.S.
Schmitz Rachel Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Schneider Andrea Radiologic Technology, AS
Seibert Jennifer Human Biology, B.S.
Sexton Caitlin Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Sharp Brandon Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Sibert Emmy Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Simbolon Esther Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Simmons Carrie Sonography, B.S.
Smith Sarah Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Smither Sarah Sonography, B.S.
Snavely Emily Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Snider Mary Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Sowder Rachel Sonography, B.S.
Sowers Laura Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Spencer Kristen Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Stammen Alesha Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Stidham Samantha Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Stradling Brooke Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Strayer Carly Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Taff Nolie GEED/SONO
Tennyson Courtney Human Biology, B.S.
Thomas Krisha Human Biology, B.S.
Thompson Jenny Lyn Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Tomlin Hannah GEED/B.S.N.
Trabue Allison Radiologic Technology, A.S.
Tuey Kyra Sonography, B.S.
Unruh Kelsey Sonography, B.S.
Unruh Sarah Sonography, B.S.
Valentine Briana Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Valentine Ian Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Vallieu Ashliegh Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Vangel Carri GEED/SONO
VanWinkle Taylor Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Voge Abigail GEED/B.S.N.
Vu Xuan Quyen Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Wagstaff Rachel Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Walker Nicole Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Walsh Christina Nursing, B.S.N. Completion
Wells Stephanie Sonography, B.S.
Wilson Julie Human Biology, B.S.
Winters Abby GEED/B.S.N.
Witters Jillian Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Yendell Sydney Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Yoshida Jillian Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)
Zack Dana Nursing, B.S. (prelicensure)


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