Graduation Instructions

What to Expect at Graduation

First, congratulations to everyone!

Your hard work is about to pay off.  Because we are not having a graduation rehearsal, we want to utilize this web page to communicate with you about the honor cords, name cards, and general graduation information. If you look over the information below and still have additional questions, feel free to reach out the associate registrar, Robert Reeder, with any additional questions.

There are links listed below to order regalia (cap & gown) and graduation announcements.

    • Photo submission

    • Tickets

    • Ordering Graduation Announcements

    • Ordering Graduation Regalia

    • Packets

    • Graduate Seating Arrangements

    • Name Pronunciation

    • Graduation Honors

    • Parking at Benjamin and Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

    • Graduate and Guest Arrival

    • During the Ceremony: Marching

    • During the Ceremony: On the Stage

    • During the Ceremony: Benediction

    • Your Diploma

Again, congratulations on a job well done and we look forward to helping make your graduation a memorable one.


The Registrar’s office staff

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