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Welcome to the center for Kettering College Student LIFE!

Kettering College Student LIFE is a collaborative effort between Kettering College, Kettering SDA Church, and Kettering Health Network. The goal of Student LIFE is to create encounters for all on campus to experience the LIFE God intended them to have. These encounters revolve around three areas of life: spiritual, social, and service.

Student LIFE is an initiative for students and by students. The power of Student LIFE lies with the volunteers that lead the activities and initiatives on campus to impact the student body as a whole. This student-led team strives to create encounters on Kettering College’s campus to enhanced how students go through life, effectively preparing you to love and serve better as you move into your field of study.

Take a look at the schedule below to stay up-to-date on everything happening during the winter semester!

Student LIFE Winter Schedule

Student LIFE Coordinators:

  • Elliot Smith -Young Adult Pastor at Kettering SDA Church
  • Kris Harter – Director for Campus Community
  • Steve Carlson – Chaplain for Kettering College

Contact Information:

Pastor Steve Carlson


Phone: (937) 479-1317

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