International Medical Missionary

International Medical Missionary (IMM)

International Medical Missions is a new Kettering College program designed to take you overseas to where the needs are greatest. Spend an extended period of time (1-12 months) helping to care for a community of people who will change your life as much as you change theirs. Make a difference in a way you never thought possible. Allow God to lead, and He just might take that opportunity to use you, to change lives.

Our Mission

Providing students a life-changing opportunity to experience real medical need internationally, and serving in a voluntary capacity that allows for hands-on experiences, not available in America.

Contact Chaplain Steve if you want to know about this amazing opportunity.

Site Evaluation

A Kettering College representative is sure to evaluate the sites. Our chaplain is in constant communication with local contacts. We make it a priority to follow government warnings for each country. Kettering College makes sure to provide our students with travel insurance and emergency plans.   

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost varies depending on the location, length of stay, time of travel, etc.

If traveling from 1-3 months, costs generally range from $2,000-$3500.


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Once Accepted:

You’ve been interviewed and accepted into the IMM program! Be sure to fill out all of the following forms. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Chaplain Steve Carlson.

1) Begin reading the book “Passport to Missions” and fill out processing questions online. Questions must be filled out prior to next step. (“Passport to Missions” provided at interview.)

2) If you are living in the dorm or at home your parents must send a letter of approval to Student LIFE department. If you are living on your own, you must sign a release of liability form.

3) Submit payment to the Student LIFE department. (amount discussed during our interview)

4) Submit a copy of passport.

5) Complete and submit the following forms and download your packing list.

Immunization Form

Medical History Form

Packing List


Wow! We're thrilled to have you here.


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