So, what is Kettering:60

Your method to get a simple breakdown of Jesus’s messages, geared specifically for you.

Kettering:60 is your weekly source for inspiration, reflection, or to just get that little boost we all need in our busy lives, whatever it is, Kettering:60 has it all.

So regardless if you’re already a Christian, or hearing Jesus’s messages for the first time, Kettering:60 breaks down the bible in a quick, simple, 1 minute explanation, that’s easy to understand.

Join us every week from your phone, tablet or computer, as we dive into the lives of all of us, through the bible’s teachings. From love, revenge, jealousy, and hate, we’ll talk about it all. Revealing that the bible is full of some crazy stuff and how Jesus, and the stories of the bible, relate to you in today’s world.

So start watching, or text Kettering60 to 75309 to get your weekly video sent directly to your phone. Like, subscribe and share us everywhere.


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