Displays of Campus Communication

In order to keep the campus environment uncluttered, students, faculty, and staff must adhere to guidelines for posting information in the College buildings. Printed communication items (posters, fliers, signs, etc.) cannot be affixed to any painted or metal surface, column, railing, elevator, or door on the ground floor or first floor of the Boonshoft Center for Medical Sciences or the dormitory building. Any items found taped, stapled, pinned, or otherwise attached to any such surfaces will be removed and discarded.

Students and personnel may use several areas for posting information:

  • Two stand-alone signs, one just inside the entrance to the Boonshoft Center and another inside the entrance to the old College building.
  • A large section of wall on the ground floor of the Boonshoft Center near the chapel and the ground-level entrance to the Learning Commons.

For display in these areas, the policy calls for printed communication items (posters, fliers, signs, etc.) to be submitted to the public relations office for approval and posting. In the event that the PR officer is not available, the college receptionist can post time-sensitive items.

  • Items permitted for posting include but are not limited to: event fliers; general announcements relevant to the campus community; “for sale” advertisements; job opportunities; and promotional pieces for courses, programs, or fundraisers.
  • Items will be date-stamped and can be displayed for up to four weeks. Items will be removed at the four-week mark or earlier if the event is over or a deadline has passed. If advertising an event that occurs before the end of that four-week period.
  • The PR officer will post the items in the central communication areas.