Governance Implementation


Start:  February 7, 2008                                    End:   July 2009
Lead: Randi Quale
Team:  2 – 3 from College Council, 2 – 3 non-College Council

Outcome:  Improved survey results, reaffirmation of structure, successful projects.

AQIP Criterion to which this primarily relates: Supporting Institutional Operations
Briefly describe what you would like this project to accomplish.

1. Improve communication about governance issues
2. Unite the policy and operations sides of our current governance structure
3. Give a voice, as appropriate, to all who are affected by a policy or initiative
4. Increase the efficiency of decision making

Where did the idea or stimulus for this project originate?
Changes at the college including administrative restructuring led to some dissatisfaction with decision making processes. 

Which specific needs of your students or other external stakeholders would be better met if you accomplished this project? How?
Students will benefit from better coordinated efforts and communications among the college community.  There will be less confusion about policies and decisions as appropriate people are involved and communications improved.

How would doing this project allow you to better meet  your employees needs? Which, specifically?
More people will be empowered to participate in decision making.  This will increase the engagement of employees in the policies and operations of the college.

How would accomplishing this project change or affect your institution’s culture?
It will reduce silos.  There will be a broader base for decision making.  It will also provide a framework for conflict resolution.

What leadership and employee enthusiasm and support is there for doing this project now?
The college General Assembly (all faculty & staff) voted at the opening of the Fall 2007 semester to adopt a newly framed governance structure.  The challenge is to implement this new model smoothly and effectively.