Kettering College Strengthens Partnership with Kettering Health Network


KETTERING, Ohio, October 19, 2016 – In a new initiative, Kettering College is developing an improved partnership with Kettering Health Network (KHN), to provide full-time students with patient centered job opportunities, while they are still in school through utilizing intentional career fairs.

The first career fair was held on October 18 and gave Kettering College students the opportunity to network with hiring managers from Sycamore Medical Center, Sycamore Retirement Community and Sycamore Health Center to fill needed jobs. More than 30 students signed up for jobs in nursing assistance, patient transportation, registration and phlebotomy.

“Some of the hardest positions for healthcare institutions to fill are their part-time and resource (PRN) opportunities. This is perfect for Kettering College because most of our students only have the ability to work part-time or resource hours,” explains Ben Hotelling, Career Services Director at Kettering College. “The college and Sycamore Medical Center were able to come together and provide the amazing opportunity to fill their ‘hard-to-fill’ positions.”

In a recent study, Kettering College found that 73% of the surveyed students had a job and 44% of those surveyed students were not working in healthcare. Hotelling’s goal is to provide more opportunities for students to choose healthcare related jobs to give them an advantage for a full-time job at KHN after graduation.

“We see this partnership as a wonderful opportunity to help develop and mentor Kettering College students by providing them hands on experience and training, while also fulfilling the growing recruitment needs on our campus,” said Jenna Mossbarger, HR Leadership Partner at Sycamore Medical Center.

Kettering Health Network employees who continue their education through Kettering College can receive a 30% tuition discount. This furthers the advantage of Kettering College students seeking jobs within KHN in order to utilize this tuition discount. This semester, 108 employees are receiving the tuition discount.




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