Kettering College Memory Book

During our 40th anniversary celebration in 2007-2008, alumni, current students, and current and past faculty and staff shared with us their favorite memories of and well wishes for Kettering College …



Posted By: Josephine (Gould) Kirk '03
July 29, 2008

I can't believe all the changes that have happened around the campus of kc in just 5 years! Wow! I think I had one of the BEST educations for x-ray. The teachers are great along with the program. I also met one of my best friends there, Janel Scarbrough. Together through the years we have been there for each other! Thanks so much kc! (Hi Rob, Larry and Frank!!!)


Thank You

Posted By: LaToyia Fisher '04, '06, '07
July 14, 2008

I would like to say thank you to all of my instructors, class mates, and friends. I am very grateful for all of the love and compassion that has been extended towards me. I have so many great memories of my time at kc! God Bless.


Precious Memories...How They Linger...

Posted By: Roland Fisher '95
June 7, 2008

I would have to say the greatest memories of kc are all the wonderful classmates, instructors, and friends I was privileged to know and to share my time and life with during the most challenging yet rewarding moments of my life! Donna B., Lloyd, Melanie, Lisa, Elaine, Vickie, Deb, Kathy, Barb R., Charmaigne...Donna C., Marsha P, Carol, Mrs. Sellers, Joan, Alisha, just to name a few. And there were many others....and Vickie Barton. I remember coming to class the day after her death and we were all in shock because she was such an inspiration and full of life! We heard many stories about her horses, her farm, her dogs, her life. What a great loss for all of us. A very sad time. My family values and the professional standards gleaned at kc have made all the difference in my career today! Thank you all for memories unforgotten.
Roland Fisher RN, CRNI


Angels in Disguise!

Posted By: Deb Toirac '08
March 14, 2008

Some of my favorite memories and clear demonstration of God's love towards me has been through my Nursing Instructors. My favorite memory was of NRSA 110 when Cherie Rebar and Carolyn Gersch emotionally and spiritually supported me through one of the most difficult courses I had ever undertaken (I had yet to understand what 120 was all about - chuckle). But more loving, supporting and caring individuals you have yet to find on this earth. I know what a tremendous sacrifice they made of their time/effort, and they invested themselves into my life in a way that will forever pattern "Christian caring" in my future nursing career.

I will also be forever be grateful to Joan Ulloth for her brillance and for challenging me to be "all that I could be" in NRSA 120 and appreciate the countless hours she spent tutoring and encouraging all of her students. I am grateful to her for believing in me. What representatives of God's love when it appeared at times that ALL WAS LOST! It was a reminder to me of how "blessed" we are to have such spiritual individuals over us who are sensitive to the Lord's leading and loving to the charges (us) that he has placed under their care/tutulage.

I thank God for the faculty who have encouraged me, believed in me, and loved and prayed me through this tremendously difficult program. God bless you all for the wonderful privilege of being here at a Christian college and the wonderful memories!


Still Going

Posted By: Lorraine (Goepferich) Volk '76
February 28, 2008

I just wanted to say hello and let the college know that some of us oldies but goodies are still practicing nursing. I finally have returned to school and am getting my bachelors degree and have been thinking of returning to kc in the PA program if I can! It's never too late.



Posted By: Datwana (Dot) Gaddis '03
January 25, 2008

I will be forever grateful for the nursing education I received at kc; the faculty was very helpful and I am proud to be a kc alum.



Posted By: J Robert Franks '80
January 6, 2008

In August of 1978, I came to kc as a very recently accepted candidate for the Physician Assistant program (not a first round draft choice). I was treated to the experience of 'drinking from a firehose' to assimilate the knowledge needed to safely practice by Drs. Trott and Black, and PA Bob Christy. Twenty seven years after graduation, I am gratified they accepted me and confident I made the right choice in pursuing this profession. Every day, I am happier to be a Physician Associate. Nearing the end of a career in mental health care with the State of North Carolina, I will continue to practice as a PA, though changing gears to another area of practice.
Thank you Dr. Black for sharing your rich clinical knowledge.
Thank you Dr. Trott for your passion for medicine and teaching.
Thank you Mr. Christy for your perspective on how a PA is not an 'almost a doctor.' 
And thank you Virginia and Eugene in allowing Charlie's resources to help the southwest Ohio community, humanity, and to help me.


Coming Home

Posted By: Laura Willis '06
November 5, 2007

I remember calling to ask about the BSN completion program and talking with Sharon Millard. She took many minutes of her precious time to encourage me to come and check out kc for myself. After doing so, I couldn't wait to start my BSN here. It felt just like coming home. Once I completed my program I was able to start teaching clinical for the AS program, and soon after became faculty. It amazes me that I have been given this great gift of working somewhere that has given me first my wings, and is now helping me to grow my roots. Each day is a new challenge, and a special gift. I am so glad that I was able to come home to kc.


A Moment of Compassion

Posted By: Charles Scriven
October 22, 2007

One day in June of 2004, Diane Beneke, long-time and much-loved assistant to presidents of Kettering College shared with us, for the first, a diagnosis that indicated she had lung cancer. Later that same day, from my office chair, I heard our student worker, Caron Drake, singing the Gospel Song “His Eye is on the Sparrow” (“and I know He watches me”) to Diane. Softly. A capella. With the melismas--several notes on a single syllable--that we associate with the black Gospel style. Wonderful!


Memories from kc

Posted By: Jessica Jenkins '08
October 3, 2007

My favorite memory is when I first enrolled here as a PSEO student while still in high school. I didn't know anyone here, and my first teacher was Mr. Price. He made me feel more comfortable and was willing to help me out in any way he could. I soon came to realize that all of the faculty at kc are here for us, the students. They want us to succeed in all of our endeavors. For kc I am thankful for those fond memories that I have created here!



Posted By: Julie Gedart '92, '06
September 17, 2007

I have so many good memories. I graduated in 1992 with my AS in Nursing and then again in 2006 with my BSN. I also worked resource in the Skills Lab. kc has always held a special place in my heart. The Instructors care and want the students to succeed. I participated in 3 mission trips to Belize—all of them were a unique and life changing experience.


Standing Up for Each Other

Posted By: Kristan Swilhart '07
September 7, 2007

One of my best loved memories of kc is from our first convocation as new nursing students. The speaker wanted to recognize all nursing classes, from Nursing 110 to graduating seniors in Nursing 230/240. When they announced Nursing 110, our class stood up to be recognized and the entire church erupted in cheers. It was a kind and welcoming gesture from students who had been through what we were about to go through and it eased our heart and minds. I missed our final convocation this year, but I asked friends to cheer especially loud for new nursing students.


32 Years of Memories and Changes
Posted By: Frank Brewster '77
September 6, 2007

I have walked the halls of kc for 32 years. I have served under four college presidents and three program directors. My office has been in five different locations, each space larger and nicer than the previous one. I have graduated so many students (and proud of them) that I'm confident that at least one works in almost every hospital in the country.

I've seen lots of changes over the years. I remember when there was a tennis court where the Boonshoft addition now stands. I remember several faculty and staff members who kept regular hours on the tennis court. The library used to be where the nursing skills lab is at present. I helped move the library to the ground floor, and the name changed to The Learning Resources Center. G-9 and G-10 used to be one large room with a large pillar in the middle. That's where Dean Cobb's mother tried to teach medical terminology to me (a class that I now teach). I teach Radiology classes in G-2 where I sat as a student in the Radiology Progam 32 years ago. The BMET program had classrooms where the Sonography department is now. We also had Dietetic, Environmental Services, and Medical Office Assistant programs. "The Tunnel" used to extend over to the Cox building. It wasn't heated, but it was better than walking outside in the cold. I now park across the street in a parking lot that is at least twice as large as it was in 1975. There was a house in the southeast corner of the parking lot that housed several male students.

While I cherish the memories that I have, I look forward to making new ones.


Current Faculty/Former Student
Posted By: Cherie Rebar '95
September 5, 2007

Walking the halls today as chair of the AS nursing program is such a humbling experience for me, since I disctinctly remember walking these same halls with little more than a backpack and dreams of being a nurse in the early 1990's. I am so grateful for the faculty and staff that nurtured me as a student, encouraged me as a professional, and stand alongside me now as a peer. It is so wonderful to be back in Ohio, and to have "come home" to kc.