A new year's greeting from the desk of KCMA president, Dr. Charles Scriven

Kettering, OH - 1/8/2007

The New Year is rolling in, and by your determination to excel in health care, this is what you’ve said about yourself: I’m going to spend my life mending the world’s fractures, healing the world’s pain—a day at a time, an act at a time, for as long as it takes or as long as I am able.

Instead of living in a cloud of ignorance, or trampling the feelings of others, or wasting time, you’re going to get the degree that will help you make a difference.

With decisions like this, you inspire me.

Let me thank you, and say how much I hope that we will all, in this New Year, help one another make good on these commitments.

Charles Scriven, Ph.D.
Kettering College of Medical Arts

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