Fred Manchur Named Kettering Health Network's Next President & CEO

Manchur to succeed retiring CEO, Frank Perez

Announcement courtesy of Kettering Health Network Marketing & Communications

Kettering, OH - 8/6/2010

Kettering, Ohio (Aug. 6) — The Membership of Kettering Health Network (KHN) announced on 

Friday that Fred Manchur, president and chief operating officer, will become the next president and chief executive officer for KHN beginning December 1, 2010. The Membership arrived at this decision following the development and implementation of a comprehensive transition/selection planning process. 

Frank Perez, chief executive officer, will become chief executive officer emeritus of KHN and will continue to provide assistance to the Membership during the transition through May 15, 2011.

Dave Weigley, chairman of KHN stated that, “The debt the Network and community owes to Frank Perez is enormous. Frank’s leadership has been extraordinary as he has continued to focus on and realize the mission far beyond our expectations. We are very blessed to have him remain in our service in his new capacity.”

The Membership and Boards are confident that KHN is well positioned during this time of transition, and expect to continue with a seamless transition of leadership, supported by an experienced leadership team who has continued, without missing a beat, to pursue the corporate vision of transforming the healthcare experience for Dayton’s communities.

A division of Kettering Medical Center, Kettering College of Medical Arts is part of Kettering Health Network.

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