MPAS Costs

Tuition is shown in the financial aid section of this site. The 2013 cohort is responsible for $10,390 in tuition, per semester, plus an additional $200 per semester in fees. Approximate cost of books per semester is $765. The department requires students to purchase medical reference software and medical equipment, which must be obtained through the College; these costs are included in tuition. For information on tuition refunds, visit the financial aid section of this site.

Entering students are responsible for purchasing an electronic tablet, such as an iPad or an Android tablet.

Incoming students are required to register with to complete an initial background check. Upon registration with Certified Background, instructions and details will be made available. Students are responsible for uploading the required documentation and for any costs related to Certified Background services (approximate cost:  $95 initial cost at start of program, with an additional $140 prior to starting clinicals).