Human Communication: A Guide to Information Resources

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Useful SUBJECT HEADINGS for this topic:

  LC Subject Headings--Communication
Body language
Debates and debating
Exposition (Rhetoric)
Forensics (Public speaking)
Intercultural communication
Interpersonal communication
Nonverbal Communication
Persuasion (Rhetoric)
Public speaking
Show and tell presentations
Speeches, addresses, etc.
  LC Subject Headings--Subculture Research
African Americans
Asian Americans
Chinese Americans
Cross cultural studies
Cultural characteristics
Cultural fusion
Culture shock
Deaf culture
[Ethnic group]
[Ethnic group]--Cultural assimilation
Ethnic Groups
Gay culture
Goth culture (Subculture)
Hispanic Americans
Intercultural communication
Punk culture
White Supremacy Movement

Useful LC CALL NUMBERS on this subject:

  E184-185.98   Ethnic/racial elements in the US population  
  GN1-890   Anthropology  
  GN301-674   Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology  
  GN537-674   Etnic groups and races  
  P87-96   Communication. Mass media  
  P94.7   Interpersonal communication  
  P95-95.6   Oral communication. Speech  
  PN4001-4355   Oratory. Elocution, etc.  
  PN4177-4191   Debating.  


OhioLINK Central Catalog

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  E-Book   Encyclopedia of Race and Racism
  E-Book   Ethnic Groups of Europe: An Encyclopedia
  E-Book   Goths: A Guide to an American Subculture
  E-Book   Images That Hurt: Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media
  E-Book   Punks: A Guide to an American Subculture
  E-Book   Skinheads: A Guide to an American Subculture
  R E184.A1 G14 1995   Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America
  R GN307 .C68 2001   Countries and Their Cultures
  R GN307 .E53 1991   Encyclopedia of World Cultures
  R GN495.4 .E63 2005   Encyclopedia of the World's Minorities
  R PN6081 .B27 1992   Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
  R PN6081 .O89 1997   Oxford Dictionary of Literary Quotations
  R PN6084.R3 P37 1989   A Dictionary of Religious & Spiritual Quotations


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Communication & Mass Media Complete
Index, abstracts, and full text for journals in communication and mass media
Academic Search Complete
Provides full text for more than 3,430 scholarly publications covering a wide variety of academic areas of study
Electronic Journals Center
Full-text indexing service for over 2000 online scholarly and research journals including titles in health-related fields
LGBT Life provides indexing and abstract coverage of the world's literature regarding Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender issues.
Provides abstracts and citations to the scholarly literature in the behavioral and mental health sciences
Psychology and Behavioral Science
A comprehensive database with more than 510 full text titles covering topics such as emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry & psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods
Sociological Collection
A comprehensive database covering information in all areas of sociology, including social behavior, human tendencies, interaction, relationships, community development, culture and social structure.
A comprehensive database for sociology research indexing not only journal articles but also significant monographs
Social Sciences Citation Index
Citations and cited references from over 1700 journals in the social sciences

Periodicals available in the KC library

Vital Speeches of the Day

Periodicals available through the Electronic Journal Center

Communication Research
Communication Theory
Discourse & Communication
European Journal Of Communication
Human Communication Research
Journal Of Communication
Journal Of Communication Inquiry
Journal Of Creative Communications
Journal Of Popular Culture

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