Road Construction Around Kettering College Campus

The City of Kettering has provided the following information as an update for all projects currently under construction in Kettering that may impact traffic near the Kettering Medical Center and Kettering College. You may also want to periodically check the city’s web site for construction updates.

Wilmington Pike Resurfacing – Beaverton to Stroop Road

The contractor tentatively plans to begin the milling and paving process the week of August 15th.They will first remove the existing asphalt down to the concrete surface and then place two layers asphalt to complete the roadway.During the paving process the traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction.

Forrer Blvd. Resurfacing – Whitlock to Woodman

The contractor will begin setting up the traffic control on August 12th and traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction.The contractor will then mill off the existing asphalt on half the road and perform the concrete joint repair.Once the joint repair is complete, they will then place an intermediate surface of asphalt and repeat the milling joint repair process on the other side of the road.After both sides of the road are complete, they will place the final surface of asphalt.

Dorothy Lane Resurfacing – Bobbie Place to County Line

The contractor is scheduled to begin repairing bad sections of concrete base along with sidewalk, curb and drive approach repairs the week of August 15th.During construction traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction at the location of the repairs.After completing the joint repair, the existing asphalt will be milled off and the intermediate and final surface of asphalt placed back down.

Dorothy Lane Resurfacing – Berkley Street to Haig Ave

The contractor is scheduled to begin setting up the traffic control for the western section of the project from Far Hills down to Southern Boulevard on August 13th.In this section, the traffic will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction.Left turn lanes at the Far Hills and Southern intersections will still be in place along, with modifications to the signal at Southern Blvd.Then on August 15th the contractor will begin milling off the existing asphalt on the north side of the roadway and repairing the bad concrete joints. This section of the project is expected to take four to five weeks Due to the lane restrictions, traffic delays are expected and motorists are encouraged to seek alternate routes.

Once the western section is complete, the contractor will begin the same process on the eastern section from Far Hills to Wilmington Pike.

Dorothy Lane and Wilmington Pike Intersection Reconstruction

Starting Tuesday, August 16 and continuing through Wednesday, August 24, the contractor will be working on paving the first of two final layers of surface asphalt throughout the entire project area. The paving work will be completed at night, from 7:00 PM through 6:00 PM, with pavement striping being done on the previous night's work during the daytime hours. Traffic disruptions and delays will occur during this time; however, traffic will be maintained at all times and access to businesses within the project area will also be maintained. All work is contingent upon the weather. Please use caution and watch for construction workers and equipment if you are traveling through the construction zone. Work on the second and final layer of surface asphalt will be scheduled for the coming weeks, most likely around the Labor Day time frame.

2011 Asphalt Overlay Program

The project is scheduled to begin construction the week of August 15th.The process of paving the streets will include milling off 1.5" of the existing asphalt, placing an intermediate chip and seal surface down and then the final surface of asphalt.When the intermediate chip and seal surface is placed, there may be some loose stone on the roadway. The contractor will sweep up as much of the loose stone as possible.Delays due to weather are possible during the process.


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