Student Governance

updated 6/24/11

Student governance opportunities are available within each program, where student officers are elected to serve as representatives to the college Student Senate. The Student Senate exists for several reasons:

  1. To provide a structure for students to channel their concerns and viewpoints to college administration.
  2. To provide departmental student leadership.
  3. To provide a forum whereby the administration of the college can introduce proposed changes which affect students for the purposes of informing or establishing a dialogue.
  4. To develop and sustain a caring community for students at the departmental and college level.

There is also an opportunity to serve as the student representative to the College Senate, a college-wide governance committee comprised of faculty and staff from the various departments at Kettering College. All matriculated students are eligible to participate in the various student life functions that are planned throughout the academic year.

Faculty Advisor
Kris Harter
Director of Student Life