BSHS Completion Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • Accelerated Session

    • What are the BSHS accelerated sessions?

      The Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences offers an exciting option of an accelerated format that allows working healthcare professionals the opportunity to take one course in a 7-week format one class at a time. This format allows students to finish the program in as little time as 4 semesters fulltime and 8 semesters part-time which includes all General Education and Health Science courses. Students transfer in their associate degree or its equivalent as well as other courses that can apply to the completion program.

    • What are the policies related to dropping and adding a course?


      Course length Last day to add a course Last day to withdraw from course and receive a 100 percent refund Last day to drop a course and receive a grade of WP or WF
      7A: 7 week accelerated module in a 15-week semester 2nd business day of the semester 5th business day of the course End of the 5th week of the semester
      7B: 7 week accelerated module in a 15-week semester 2nd business day of the semester 5th business day of the course End of the 5th week of the course
      7A&B: 7 week accelerated modules in an extended 10-week semester 2nd business day of the semester 5th business day of the course End of the 5th week of the semester
    • Are there any course load requirements?

      Students are classified as full-time if they carry at least 12 credit hours per semester. Students may not register for more than 7 credit hours in a 7 week accelerated module.

    • Will the summer semester classes be offered in the 7-week sessions?

      Yes. There will be two sessions offered in the summer, with session 7A starting at the beginning of the summer semester and 7B ending in early August. There will be a short break before starting the Fall semester.


    • If I fail a course in the first session, can I still take the second session course?

      It depends. If you fail the first session (7A), you can progress if the failed course is not a pre-requisite for the 7B course, if the failed course is not the second failure in that course, if you are not dismissed from the program due to non-progressing issues, and/or if you are not dismissed from the college due to low GAP.

    • When I register, do I sign up for all my classes?

      Yes, you must sign up for all classes you are going to take in both sessions. You will not be able to sign up for a 7B session class once the semester starts. You may drop a 7A or 7B course once the course starts within the time frames for reimbursement and/or withdraw. These dates change each semester depending on the calendar. For specific information on these dates, talk to your advisor or the financial aid department.


    • Will arts and science courses be part of this accelerated format?

      Yes, all required arts and science courses will be offered in the 7-week sessions.

  • General Program Information

    • Is the degree offered entirely online?

      Yes.  Our Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) completion degree currently provides its courses of study an online format.  All health professions (HESC) courses required for the program, as well as the required arts and sciences courses, are offered online.  Some of the advanced imaging courses are currently offered online, while others are in a traditional classroom setting. Please check advanced imaging course schedule for which modalities are online and which are offered on campus. Clinical hours are in hospital settings coordinated by the Advanced Imaging Coordinator.

    • What do I need to know about class attendance?

      For online classes, each date a submission is due is considered a date when the course meets.  Students are required to attend at least one class meeting or make at least one submission within the first 5 business day of a 7-week accelerated module or they will be subject to administrative withdrawal from the course. A student will be considered absent from the course any date he or she fails to attend a scheduled meeting time or any time he or she fails to make a schedule submission.

    • How long will it take to earn my BSHS completion degree?


      There are five emphases within the degree to choose from:

      1. Management

      2. Education

      3. Sonography

      4. Radiological sciences and imaging

      5. Respiratory care
      Each major has different requirements for credit hours (see individual majors for more information).  You can complete courses at your own pace as a part-time or full-time students.  The curriculum is designed for the working health care professional and goes year-round.  If you have transfer credits, the time to complete may decrease.  Full-time students can complete in 5 semesters, and part-time students can complete in 9 semesters or less.

    • Can I be enrolled as a part-time student or must I be enrolled as a full-time student?


      Yes, you can be a part-time student; however, it will delay graduation and you may be out of sequence for some courses. All courses are not always taught every semester.

    • How long do I have to complete the degree?


      Once admitted, you have up to 7 years to complete the program of study and apply for graduation.

    • How many hours per week will I need to study?

      This depends upon the individual. To be successful, you should plan on an average of 5-6 hours per week of study time for a 3-credit-hour semester course.
      Online education does not take less time or effort than traditional, in-the-classroom study.  The advantage of online study is that you have access to courses 24 hours a day and can complete assignments at your convenience and in the comfort of your home or workplace.

    • What kind of resources and services are available to students studying online?

      You have online access to your course schedules, transcripts, grades, viewing and paying your bills, and for online registration.

      Kettering College partners with eCampus, who will fulfill students’ course material needs and power our official virtual bookstore. Click here for a list of required textbooks and to order your books online!


      Online and on-campus tutoring are available to students. Specific areas of interest to BSHS students are writing and statistics.
      Online and on-campus students have access to an online reference librarian.  The BSHS online students, even if they live out-of-state, have access to a wealth of library resources because our library is connected to OhioLINK, which links many libraries in Ohio.
      HESC 300

      The first health professions course you will take is HESC 300:  Introduction to the Health Sciences Program. The purpose of this course is to orient students to Kettering College and to the BSHS degree, as well as to provide you with the knowledge and skills that will help you to be successful in an online learning environment.

    • What computer proficiency is needed, and what are the technical requirements for online study?

      Computer skills include proficiency in the Microsoft Windows environment — primarily word-processing, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint. The ability to navigate the Internet and to use email and attachments also is needed.

  • Admission Questions

    • How do I apply for this program?

      Visit Fill out the application found on this page and follow the rest of the admission steps.

    • How much will this degree cost?

      Tuition and fees are determined annually and are subject to change. For more information, visit the tuition and fees page on this website.

    • Will any credits beyond my associate degree in a health profession transfer in for the BSHS degree?

      Credits for courses will be evaluated and transferred in if they are applicable to baccalaureate in health sciences degree requirements.  There are no time limits for transfer of course credits.  At Kettering College, credits taken at a regionally accredited college or university are transferable.

    • Our BSHS degree is based only on credits beyond the A.S. health professions degree or its equivalent. Equivalency decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Credits for courses taken to meet degree requirements for the prelicensure health professions degree are not transferred in.

    • Will I need to retake the core science and math courses if I graduated years ago, since they will be out of date?

      No prelicensure basic math or science courses need to be taken over. Prelicensure courses are not transferred in for the Bachelor of Science degree. Therefore no retakes are required for basic science and math courses.



    • How will I know what my schedule will look like once I am accepted to the program?

      You will receive individualized advising depending on your emphasis. A plan will be created for you based on credits you may already have that meet BSHS degree requirements and upon your need for full-time or part-time study.


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