After Applying for Financial Aid

  • After You Apply

    • FAFSA Results

      The federal government will process your FAFSA and will electronically send the results to us in the Financial Aid Office (provided you listed Kettering College as one of the schools to receive your results).

    • Student Aid Report (SAR)

      You also will receive notification that your FAFSA has been processed in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR).  If you filed your FAFSA online and provided a valid email address, you will receive your SAR online.  If you filed your FAFSA online and did not provide a valid email address, you will receive a SAR Information Acknowledgement in the mail.  Regardless of how you filed, you can call 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) to request a paper SAR if necessary.

      Please review your SAR carefully.  It contains the information you reported on the FAFSA.  If corrections are needed, the process is slightly different depending upon how you filed.  If you are unsure how to make the necessary corrections to the FAFSA information, please feel free to contact us for assistance.
      If you have completed the FAFSA and our financial aid application, we will inform if any other documentation is necessary.

      Some students will have their FAFSA information selected for a process called verification. If selected for verification, we must determine the accuracy of the data you reported on your FAFSA. If your SAR states that you have been selected for verification, please review our Verification Information below.

    • Award Letter


      An award letter detailing your financial aid package will be sent to you after all of your financial aid paperwork has been received and after you have been admitted to the college.
      If we receive your Kettering College Financial Aid Application and the results of your FAFSA by the priority deadline of March 31, we will send you an award letter around May 1. For those students not meeting the priority deadline, an award letter will be sent approximately one month after the financial aid file is complete. The time it takes for us to process your financial aid paperwork varies throughout the year. During peak processing times (June-September), it may take longer than average for you to receive an award letter.

  • Verification Information

  • How to Obtain a Transcript of Tax Returns

    • By phone

      Call between the hours of 7 a.m.-7 p.m. EST

      Call 1-800-908-9946, press 1 for English, then follow directions below:

      ● Enter your Social Security number

      ● Enter house number

      ●Choose Tax Return Transcript UNLESS you amended your taxes, in which case you will need BOTH a Tax Return Transcript AND a Tax Account Transcript.

      ● Enter the tax year that we requested on your document tracking letter. The Tax Return  Transcripts will be mailed to you and should arrive in 5-10 days.


    • Ordering online

      Go to

      This year you should be able to download a PDF copy of your transcript. This can also be turned in to the Financial Aid Office

      ●  On the main page, in the orange bar labeled “Tool,” click on “Order a Tax Return Transcript”

      ● Gather the information needed and click on the “Order a Tax Return Transcript” link

      ● Follow directions and enter information requested

      ● Under type of transcript: Select “Tax Return Transcript” UNLESS you amended your taxes, in which case you will need BOTH a Tax Return Transcript AND a Tax Account Transcript

      ● Under year: enter the year that we requested on your document tracking letter

      ● Exit IRS web site


      Transcripts will be mailed and should arrive in 5-10 days.

  • Requesting Non-Tax-Filing Status

    • Verification Non-Filing Letter and FAFSA

      The Verification of Non-Filing Letter is not available from the IRS until June each year. If you chose not to file taxes for the most recent tax year, your FAFSA verification will NOT be completed until we receive the Verification of  Non-filing Letter from the IRS.

    • Download forms

    • How to request a Verification of Non-Filing Letter from the IRS

      2016-17 and 2017-18 FAFSA – IRS Verification of Non-Tax Filing Status

      IRS website

      Individuals selected for verification that did not file a 2015 IRS income tax return are required to obtain a “Verification of Non-filing” letter from the IRS.

      The request for “Verification of Non-filing” can be obtained online at

      1. Click on the “Get Transcript of Your Tax Records” link.
      1. Select “Verification of Non-filing Letter” and follow instructions.

      Or you may use IRS Form 4506-T and check box 7 (Form 4506-T must be mailed directly to the IRS).

      Verification of Non-filing status letters are only available after June 15, 2015. Please note, a taxpayer may fail to file a tax return even though there is a filing requirement; the verification letter does not address whether or not the taxpayer should have filed a tax return.

    • Use IRS Form 4506T

      IRS Form 4506T should be used to request a Verification of Non Filing Letter.

      ●     f4506t
      the IRS Form 4506T at

      ●      Complete lines 1-4, following the instructions on page 2 of the form.

      ●      On line 7, check the box to indicate you would like to receive to receive a Verification of Non-filing, proof from the IRS that you did not file a return for the year. Please note that current year requests are only available after June 15th. (Please see the financial aid office if you are requesting this document prior to June 15th.)

      ●      On line 9, indicate the ending date of the year you are requesting.

      ●      Sign the form as requested and either mail or fax the completed IRS Form 4506T to the appropriate address (or FAX number) provided on page 2 of Form 4506T.

      ●      Most requests will be processed in 10 business days.

  • Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

    • Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

      The cost of attendance is one of the factors determining how much financial need a student has.  The other factor, the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), comes from the results of your FAFSA.

    • Financial Need

      Cost of Attendance minus Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need

      How much financial need you demonstrate will determine the financial aid programs for which you qualify.  Even if you have no financial need, there are still financial aid programs that may be available.


  • Special Circumstances Review

    • Special Circumstances Review

      Adjustments can sometimes be made to your financial aid package based upon special circumstances.  The reasons can include, but are not limited to, an involuntary change in employment within the household, a recent divorce or separation in the family, a death of a parent or spouse, additional daycare expenses, medical expenses and / or other costs not included in the student budget.


    • How to Apply for Special Circumstance Review

      • Submit a letter addressed to the Student Finance Office explaining your special circumstance
      • Include any supporting documentation you can provide (daycare billing statements, death certificate, termination paperwork from a former job, etc.).

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