Fall Semester 2016

Dean’s List: Fall Semester 2016

In order to make the Kettering College Dean’s List, students must have completed at least 12 total credit hours during a semester at a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or greater, with no grade below a B-.

NOTE: Students who qualify for the list but opt out of release of “directory information” will not appear on the posted Dean’s Lists.

Last Name First Name Major
Aka Mariko Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Alexander Demi Sonography, BS
Allen Megan GEED/BSN
Appelbaum Danielle Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Baird Andrea Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Bangert Hailey GEED/BSN
Barone Kristen Sonography, BS
Barringer Stephanie Sonography, BS
Bartlett Rachel Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Bates Brianne Sonography, BS
Beavers Alyssa Sonography, BS
Bennett Kasey Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Bergman Allison Sonography, BS
Bickley Natalie Radiologic Technology, AS
Brouhard Alexandra Health Sciences – Advanced Imaging
Brown Stevi Human Biology, BS
Bruening Olivia GEED/SONO
Brunswick Katelyn Sonography, BS
Burger Rebecca GEED/RTCA
Burrelli Aja Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Cavender Erica Radiologic Technology, AS
Chambers Francesca Sonography, BS
Chasteen Sarah Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Comley Molly Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Conrad Sara Health Sciences – Education
Cotta Niklaas Human Biology, BS
Dapore Rachel Sonography, BS
Daugherty Taylor Sonography, BS
Daum Kiersten Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Davis Megan Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Davis Isaac Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Dickerson Daniel Health Sciences – Advanced Imaging
Djuzeu Wandji II Stephanie Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Downey Jeri Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Duff Zachary Human Biology, BS
Duff Emily Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Duritsch Christine Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Duty Olivia Sonography, BS
Ferguson Brandon GEED/BSN
Foster Amanda Respiratory Care, BS
Garcia Monserrat Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Gates Cecelia Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Gernert Christopher Radiologic Technology, AS
Glass Emma Sonography, BS
Gravenkemper Jessica GEED/RTCA
Gray Lindsey Sonography, BS
Grimsley Marissa GEED/BSN
Hale Scott Nursing, BSN Completion
Hammond Lee Sonography, BS
Harney Naomi GEED/SONO
Harpenau Brittney Sonography, BS
Harrell Alexandra Sonography, BS
Hayes Cassidy Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Henderson Jaclyn Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Henderson Lydia Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Holbert Chyna Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Holmes Jenna Sonography, BS
Hoskins Stephanie GEED/BSN
Hurlburt Lauren Sonography, BS
Hutauruk Inez Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
James Lydia Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Jean-Jacques Patrick Radiologic Technology, AS
Ji Woo Rim Human Biology, BS
Johnson Liessa Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Johnson Emma Health Care Management, BS (OTD Track)
Kaufman Joni GEED/RTCA
Kepner Olivia Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Khan Shoeb Human Biology, BS
Knaul-Lemons Ashley Nursing, BSN Completion
Kroger Haley Sonography, BS
LaFave Ryan Human Biology, BS
Law Jennifer GEED/SONO
Lefeld Rainier Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Liang Dong Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Loverti Brent Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Lutz Devin GEED/SONO
Mack Hannah Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Magruder Megan Sonography, BS
Marvin Danyse Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
McClain Michaella Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
McSurley Joleen Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Melzoni Taylor Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Mensah Barnabas Respiratory Care, BS
Meyer Madison GEED/BSN
Mills Kimberly Respiratory Care, BS
Minneman Leah Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Mitter Maria Sonography, BS
Molina Caitlin Health Care Management, BS
Moore Jennifer GEED/BSN
Moore Alayna Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Morris Michelle Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Mowbray Emily Sonography, BS
Muhlenkamp Michelle GEED/SONO
Newland Danielle Sonography, BS
Nyakanga Brenda Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Packard Erin Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Park Emily Human Biology, BS
Pennington Andrew Respiratory Care, BS
Petzoldt Allyson Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Pineda Valeria GEED/BSN
Rammel Lauren Human Biology, BS
Reams Alexa Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Rinderle Lydia Sonography, BS
Robinson Olivia GEED/SONO
Saintignon Chelsie Sonography, BS
Schmid Jennifer Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Schmitz Alexis Human Biology, BS
Schoenherr Ashley Human Biology, BS
Seibert Heather Sonography, BS
Sexton Mitchell Human Biology, BS
Shivener Dawn Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Sibcy Alexa GEED/BSN
Slavik Haily GEED/SONO
Smith Zoe Human Biology, BS
Smith Margaret Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Smither Sarah Sonography, BS
Snow Tabetha Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Stephan Tara Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Stewart Faith Human Biology, BS
Stewart Bradley Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Stinnett Lindsey Health Sciences – Management
Strayer Kaleigh Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Strayer Carly Health Sciences – Advanced Imaging
Sundaresan Shea Human Biology, BS
Taff Nolie Sonography, BS
Ting Wai Yi Zoe Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Tobe Heather Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Voge Abigail Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Wackerman Meghan Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Ward Mackenzie Sonography, BS
Whiting Katelynn Respiratory Care, BS
Williamson Amber Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Winters Abby Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Wise Allison Sonography, BS
Youngerman Matthew Nursing, BS (prelicensure)
Zink Jordan Radiologic Technology, AS



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