Winter Semester 2011

Dean’s List:  Winter Semester 2011

In order to make the Kettering College Dean’s List, students must have completed at least 12 total credit hours during a semester at a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or greater, with no grade below a B-.

NOTE: Students who qualify for the list but opt out of release of “directory information” will not appear on the posted Dean’s Lists.

Adams, Christina Michelle (Arts & Sciences)
Alavattam, Kristan Gopal (Human Biology)
Allen, Ashley Nickole (Radiologic Technology)
Allen, Daniel Gabriel (Human Biology)
Allison, Carrie Amy (Arts & Sciences)
Amos, Jared Dennis (Human Biology)
Andrews, Katherine Ann (Arts & Sciences)
Atkins, Christopher Lynn (Human Biology)
Baire, Chari L. (Nursing)
Baker, Benton Marcus (Human Biology)
Ball, Christine Annette (Arts & Sciences)
Bambeck, Jennifer Ellen (Human Biology)
Barber, Krystal Ann (Nursing)
Barrett, Rachel Annette (Nursing)
Beard, Tracy Marie (Respiratory Care)
Beem, Daniel Lee (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Beneke, Amanda (Arts & Sciences)
Bevak, Rebecca Ann (Nursing)
Bidlack, Stephanie Ann (Arts & Sciences)
Boggs, Rebecca Suzanne (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Bowling, Marcus (Nuclear Medicine)
Bowman, Alyssa Eileen (Nursing)
Brainard, Courtney Michelle (Arts & Sciences)
Braun, Staci Leigh (Human Biology)
Brech, Elizabeth Ann (Nursing)
Brooks, Elizabeth Carrie (Arts & Sciences)
Brown, Heather Louise (Respiratory Care)
Brown, Laura Nada (Radiologic Technology)
Bryant, Lucas Allen (Human Biology)
Burke, Holly M. (Arts & Sciences)
Burns, Chris C. (Human Biology)
Carr, Megan Renee (Human Biology)
Carroll, Kasidy Gail (Human Biology)
Casey, Andrea Michelle (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Castelucci, Abigail L. (Nursing)
Chujutalli, Gissel S. (Human Biology)
Collins, Christina Marie (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Collins, Marvin Craig (Respiratory Care)
Cotter, Melissa Grant (Nursing)
Crosthwaite, Kyle Anthony (Human Biology)
Davis, Ahnna Michaela (Nursing)
Davis, Brandi Jo (Nursing)
Dearth, Joshua Michael (Human Biology)
DeBardeleben, Daniel Edward (Human Biology)
Denniston, Kaylee Chanice (Arts & Sciences)
Dinwiddie, Nicole Marie (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Drury, Casey Logan (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Dube, Francis Artie (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Dufresne, Eric (Human Biology)
Eberhard, Jessica Robin (Nursing)
Edge, Chelsey (Arts & Sciences)
England, Joshua Paul (Arts & Sciences)
Estrellado, Roi (Arts & Sciences)
Fellers, Andrew David (Human Biology)
Flohre, Chelsea Lynn (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Ford, Chad W. (Nursing)
Fox, Amber Lynne (Arts & Sciences)
Fraley, Deonna Lynn (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Frisbee, Melanie Sue (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Garrett, Clark Nacomas (Human Biology)
German, Regina (Nursing)
Gillette, Ryan D. (Respiratory Care)
Glander, Kaitlyn E. (Human Biology)
Graham, Brett (Respiratory Care)
Grider, Megan Elizabeth (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Groh, Elaina Marie (Nursing)
Hammond, Sasha Jean (Human Biology)
Hardman, Katie Elizabeth (Arts & Sciences)
Harnly, Casey Elias (Human Biology)
Hart, Kelsey T. (Human Biology)
Heatherly, Holly (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Hemmelgarn, Ashlyn (Human Biology)
Homan, Alex Frank (Human Biology)
Houck, Rachael L. (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Howard, Ashley Nicole (Human Biology)
Howells, John Evert (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Hoyt, Nathan Miles (Human Biology)
Huelsman, Jessica Lynn (Human Biology)
James, Brett David (Arts & Sciences)
Jaynes, Anna Marie (Radiologic Technology)
Kaiser, Jacob Michael (Human Biology)
Keiser, Cassidy Blaire (Human Biology)
Kelly, Brennan Lowell (Human Biology)
Kennedy, Samantha Erin (Human Biology)
Kerber, Emily Maria (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Kim, Bomi (Human Biology)
King, Hillary Anne (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Klima, Audrey M. (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Kuykendoll, Ashley Lynn (Nursing)
Langley, Stephen C. (Nursing)
Leibold, Denise (Nursing)
Leiter, Lindsee Kay (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Lloyd, Paul (Nursing)
Lorenzo, Abby Marie (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Lucas, Dawn A. (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Mabry, Brian Alan (Human Biology)
Makanjuola, Samuel Oluwatofunmi (Human Biology)
McConnell, Jennifer Ann (Nursing)
McGlinch, Lindsey Marie (Nursing)
McGowan, Sarah S. (Human Biology)
Meadors, Brian Keith (Respiratory Care)
Mee, Adrienne Faye (Nursing)
Michael, Jamie Ann (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Michael, Kristin Michele (Human Biology)
Mikesell, Erica Lynn (Human Biology)
Minutolo, Philip Thomas (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Miranda-Alvarez, Gerald Louis (Human Biology)
Morgan, Kristina Dawn (Respiratory Care)
Morris, Amy Rose (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Morris, Ashley Marie (Human Biology)
Neufeld, Kristina Elizabeth (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Nolta, Everett Leland (Nursing)
Norman, Kelsey Lee (Nursing)
Northup, Ashley Nicole (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
O’Brien, Susan Renee (Nursing)
Orr, Rebecca E. (Human Biology)
Osborne, Carol Ann (Health Professions – Respiratory Care)
Owen, Andrielle Donyae (Nursing)
Parker, Shaun Michael (Nursing)
Pauley, Kimberly Rae (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Pavlishche, Alla F. (Nursing)
Pease, Mindy Lee (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Penwell, Tamra Sue (Arts & Sciences)
Pettus, Sandra Dee (Radiologic Technology)
Rademachir, Brenda Kay (Nursing)
Ramsby, John Porter (Human Biology)
Ranly, Zachary David (Human Biology)
Rarden, Amy Kay (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Riegel, Damon P. (Radiologic Technology)
Rodriguez, Jose Luis (Human Biology)
Rogers, Aaron Michael (Nursing)
Romano, Christopher Michael (Arts & Sciences)
Rostorfer, Courtnie Leigh (Arts & Sciences)
Roy, Jessica Ann (Human Biology)
Roy, Joshua L. (Human Biology)
Salvatore, Kellie Ann (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Schlotthauer, Stephanie Revae (Human Biology)
Seipt, Margaret Ferguson (Arts & Sciences)
Seman, Andrea Lee (Human Biology)
Sexton, Laura Danielle (Nursing)
Shafer, Sunshine R. (Arts & Sciences)
Shuck, Alyson J. (Nursing)
Smathers, Bryn Joseph (Health Professions – Professional Studies)
Smith, Beth Ann (Nursing)
Snider, Ethan Seth (Human Biology)
Snyder, Kaylie Lauren (Human Biology)
Sonney, Crystal L. (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Staggs, Lyra Joy (Respiratory Care)
Stanphill, Kristen Lynne (Radiologic Technology)
Stocum, Ryan Paul (Arts & Sciences)
Stoner, Deborah Susan (Nursing)
Strayer, Katherine Lee (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Swartz, Jennifer Nicole (Radiologic Technology)
Szekely, Erin Michele (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Tarter, Beth Ann (Nursing)
Teuschler, Julie Marie (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Thomas, Lisa Ann (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Thompson, Rebecca Nicole (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Tipton, Brooke A. (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Tipton, Laura Rene (Nursing)
Trick, Codi J. (Radiologic Technology)
Udrea, Daniel S. (Human Biology)
Valentine, Briana Marie (Human Biology)
Vega, Evelyn LiLiana (Human Biology)
Viitala, Katerina Joy (Human Biology)
Walker, Randy Quint (Nursing)
Ward, Megan Nicole (Arts & Sciences)
Wasmuth, Nicole Marie (Nursing)
Weitzel, Austi Jo (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Wells, Christina Beth (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Welsh, Robin Marie (Human Biology)
Whitt, Amy Catherine (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)
Wilcher, Amy Leigh (Arts & Sciences)
Wilkinson, LaRahn M. (Arts & Sciences)
Winkler, Bartholomew Owen (Human Biology)
Winkler, Brennan Robert (Human Biology)
Wise, Brianna Rose (Human Biology)
Wollum, Jessica M. (Nursing)
Yeary, Kathleen Nicole (Human Biology)
Zart, Craig M. (Human Biology)
Zumberger, Jamie Marie (Diagnostic Medical Sonography)


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