Winter Semester 2013

Dean’s List:  Winter Semester 2013

In order to make the Kettering College Dean’s List, students must have completed at least 12 total credit hours during a semester at a grade point average (GPA) of 3.50 or greater, with no grade below a B-.

NOTE: Students who qualify for the list but opt out of release of “directory information” will not appear on the posted Dean’s Lists.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Major

Adams Christina Michelle Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alavattam Kristan Gopal Human Biology
Alexander Brittney Morgan Human Biology
Allen Daniel Gabriel Human Biology
Alonge Oluwatosin Victoria Nursing
Amos Jared Dennis Human Biology
Anderson Rachael Elaine Human Biology
Armstrong Alexandria Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Arnett Christina Louise Nursing
Atterholt Amy Elizabeth Arts & Sciences
Baker Benton Marcus Human Biology
Barber Laura Lee Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Basanez Nora Dilena Nursing
Beneke Amanda Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bennett Danielle Nursing
Berent Jessica Eilene Nursing
Bidlack Stephanie Ann Radiologic Technology
Bilpuch Megan Lynnae Nursing
Boggs Rebecca Suzanne Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bolibrzuch Julie Human Biology
Boone Jamie Ann Arts & Sciences
Bowling Devan Elyse Arts & Sciences
Brempong Kwaku Owusu Arts & Sciences
Broerman Megan Ann Human Biology
Brown Katie Leanne Nursing
Browning Jordan Ashley Human Biology
Bryant Lucas Allen Human Biology
Buckingham Jayna Arts & Sciences
Burke Holly M. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Busch Brittany Michelle Respiratory Care
Buxton Madison Rae Arts & Sciences
Callahan Jacob Tyler PSEO
Campbell Bonnie Susan Human Biology
Cantrell Christopher Dale Human Biology
Carr Megan Renee Human Biology
Carson Grace Cecil Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Chadrick Lindsay Marie Nursing
Chambers Andrew David Arts & Sciences
Chujutalli Gissel S. Human Biology
Chujutalli Ricardo Andre Human Biology
Clark Katharine Marie Arts & Sciences
Collins Christina Marie Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cross Brittany R Health Professions – Respiratory Care
Daugherty Lisa June Nursing
Davis Brittany Renee Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dearth Joshua Michael Human Biology
Delgado Shasling Human Biology
Denniston Kaylee Chanice Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dodds Meredith Marie Respiratory Care
Donovan Brittany Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Dufresne Eric Human Biology
Edge Chelsey Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ehrhart Adrienne Marie Radiologic Technology
Eley Joshua James Human Biology
Elliott Lindsey Nicole Arts & Sciences
Elliott Theresa Jo Arts & Sciences
Elson II Michael Steven Human Biology
England Joshua Paul Radiologic Technology
Evans Enrique Glenn Arts & Sciences
Fancher Emily Human Biology
Farling Samantha Leigh Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Foote Seth Clayton Human Biology
Foster Jamie Danielle Arts & Sciences
Gay Stacy A Arts & Sciences
Glander Kaitlyn E. Human Biology
Gonzales Tahlaya Domonique Human Biology
Goodwin Katlyn M. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Goodwin Kevin Mitchell Nursing
Gridley Joy Ceree Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Grillot Mary Anna Arts & Sciences
Gross Shawn Alan Health Sciences – Advanced Imaging
Grove Ryan Human Biology
Guisinger Drew William Arts & Sciences
Hall LaShauna D. Nursing
Haney Dena Nursing
Harnly Casey Elias Human Biology
Havenar Hannah Marie Arts & Sciences
Hemmelgarn Ashlyn Human Biology
Hepner Christopher Aaron Human Biology
Hess Kyra Lynn Arts & Sciences
Hine Kristen Mckenzie Nursing
Hodac Juana Maria Nursing
Homan Alex Frank Human Biology
Hoyt Nathan Miles Human Biology
Hunt Kari Anne Arts & Sciences
Hutchins Eric Christopher Arts & Sciences
Hutton Merlyn Human Biology
Hwang Esther Inae Human Biology
Hyden Vicky L Human Biology
Jackson Lacey Lyn Arts & Sciences
James Brett David Radiologic Technology
Johnson Kiley Ray Respiratory Care
Jones Mauricio Wes Human Biology
Kaiser Jacob Michael Human Biology
Keener Matthew Thomas Human Biology
Kelly Bethany Arts & Sciences
Kelly Brennan Lowell Human Biology
King Elizabeth Nursing
King Hillary Anne Diagnostic Medical Sonography
King Morgan Sue Arts & Sciences
Kirkham Kenneth Mikael Nursing
Kleinhans Lindsay Connor Arts & Sciences
Klima Audrey M Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Landman Nathan A Human Biology
Langdon Ashley Jane Human Biology
Lehmkuhl Kaitlyn Renae Arts & Sciences
Leibold Denise L. Nursing
Leiter Lindsee Kay Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Leonard Kara Nicole Nursing
Lucas Kendra Jackalyn Human Biology
Lyons Andrew J Arts & Sciences
Mack Rachel L. Human Biology
Maddox Maura Tawny Arts & Sciences
Makanjuola Samuel Oluwatofunmi Human Biology
Makofka Kaitlin Alise Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Markley Mary Jo Nursing
Mauer Jennifer Paige Human Biology
Michael Jamie Ann Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Miller Timothy Daniel Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Miranda-Alvarez Gerald Louis Human Biology
Mitchell Robyn Justeen Arts & Sciences
Montgomery Donedra L Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Morgan Ciara Jane Arts & Sciences
Muncy Kasidy Gail Human Biology
Neace Kelsi Lynnette Radiologic Technology
Neufeld Kristina Elizabeth Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Newman Heather Lynn Arts & Sciences
Nickley Alison Health Sciences – Advanced Imaging
Nicosia Jane Ashley Nursing
Norrod Emily Marie Nursing
Orr Rebecca E Human Biology
Osting Alisha Beth Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Page Rebecca C Arts & Sciences
Patel Bhavin B Radiologic Technology
Paulsen Sarah Elizabeth Radiologic Technology
Pflum Megan Human Biology
Pinet Bonnie Sue Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ponder Christopher Thomas Radiologic Technology
Pooler Noelle Lynn Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Potter Dayna Marie Arts & Sciences
Pruzaniec Anna K. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ranly Zachary David Human Biology
Reardon Daniel K. Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Riley Kristy M Arts & Sciences
Roberts Melinda Mallie Grace Arts & Sciences
Robinson Sarai Burke Human Biology
Romano Christopher Michael Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rostorfer Courtnie Leigh Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Roth Nicole Louise Arts & Sciences
Roth Zachary Arts & Sciences
Roy Jessica Ann Human Biology
Sakal Chelsey Renee Human Biology
Sandy Janet Lee Arts & Sciences
Scheiderer Kirsten Gene Nursing
Schlarman Abigail Lynn Arts & Sciences
Schmitz Rachel Marie Arts & Sciences
Seipt Margaret Ferguson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sekerak Stacey Marlene Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Seman Andrea Lee Human Biology
Sexton Caitlin Alisha Arts & Sciences
Sharp Brandon William Arts & Sciences
Sherman Ashley Joan Nursing
Shilt Amy Michelle Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Simmons Carrie Elizabeth Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Smith Mariah Rae Nursing
Snell Olivia Suzanne Arts & Sciences
Snelling Rachel Alane Human Biology
Snider Ethan Seth Human Biology
Snyder Kaylie Lauren Human Biology
Snyder Kelsey  Arts & Sciences
Spitz Samantha Joelle Nursing
Sturr Zariah Alexis Nursing
Szeliga Stephanie Ann Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Talbott Brian Timothy Radiologic Technology
Tennyson Courtney Ann Human Biology
Thomas Megan Nursing
Thomas Michaella C Human Biology
Thompson Rebecca Nicole Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tipton Brooke A Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Trice Ashley Joyce Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Unruh Kelsey Jo Arts & Sciences
Unruh Sarah Marie Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Valentine Briana Marie Human Biology
Viitala Katerina Joy Human Biology
Wagoner Caleb Nursing
Wagstaff Rachel Arts & Sciences
Walters Marlise E Respiratory Care
Ward Megan Nicole Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Wasmuth Nicole Marie Nursing
Weitzel Austi Jo Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Wessel Jeremiah Human Biology
Wetzel Julia Anne Nursing
Whitt Amy Catherine Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Wiggershaus Erich Thomas Arts & Sciences
Wilcher Amy Leigh Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Williamson Luke Aaron Human Biology
Willitzer Abby Lynn Arts & Sciences
Wilson Julie Anne Human Biology
Winkler Bartholomew Owen Human Biology
Winkler Brennan Robert Human Biology
Wise Brianna Rose Human Biology
Worley Nathan Dell Arts & Sciences
Yanes Karla Cecilia Nursing
Zack Dana Marie Arts & Sciences


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