Invite Prospective Students to Explore Kettering

March 5, 2019–We would like you to invite a friend or family member interested in attending Kettering College to our Explore Kettering event. You could also share this news and invite a guidance counselor or teacher at any of the high schools you may know to our fall event, Explore Kettering on April 4.

At this event, students will have the opportunity to learn more about the 8 innovative health care and health science-focused programs we offer, receive a guided tour of campus, have time to sit down and talk with faculty in the department(s) the student is interesting in, meet with practicing professionals and have the opportunity to speak with enrollment specialists and financial aid counselors to plan their future.

“We love having prospective students on our campus,” said Adam Brown, Dean for Student Success. “Explore Kettering is a perfect way for students interested in healthcare to experience all that Kettering College has to offer.”

This free event begins at 4:00 pm and will run until 7:00pm. Food will also be provided.

Please direct any potential students to RSVP at


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