Graduation Rates

Graduation Rates

Overall Graduation Rate: 45%

2015 cohort

The Graduation Rate tracks how many students graduated within 150% of the normal time to complete their program of study. For most undergraduate students, this is six years from the time they first enroll.

What students are included in this number?  These new to college freshman students started their full-time studies at Kettering College six years ago seeking an undergraduate degree. In 2015, 55 first-time, full-time students began seeking their undergraduate degree.

What students are not included in this number? Those students who transferred from another college, those who are not seeking a bachelor’s degree, and those who attend part-time.

This information is also reported to the Federal Government on the IPEDS Graduation Rates survey and displayed on College Navigator.

This data reflects the 55 students that started in 2015.  25 students completed their bachelor’s degrees by 2021.

Graduation Rate by Type:

    • GENDER

      In 2015, 9 men and 46 women began their undergraduate studies.

      By 2021, 3 men and 22 women completed their undergraduate studies.

      Men:  33%

      Women:  48%

        Completed Total Percent
      Female 22 46 48%
      Male 3 9 33%


    • RACE


      Asian:  100%.  1 Asian student started and completed their degree.

      Black or African American:  100%.  1 Black or African American student started and completed their degree.

      Hispanic/Latino:  67%. 3 Hispanic/Latino students started and 2 completed their degrees.

      Non-Resident Alien:  100%.  1 Non-Resident Alien student started and completed their degree.

      Race and Ethnicity Unknown:  100%.  1 student whose Race and Ethnicity are Unknown started and completed their degree.

      Two or More Races:  0%.  1 Two or More Races student started their degree but did not finish.

      White: 40%.   47 White students started and 19 completed their degrees.

      The College did not have any students from the following groups in the 2015 cohort:

      • American Indian / Alaskan Native
      • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
      Race Started Completed Percent Complete
      Asian 1 1 100%
      Black or African American 1 1 100%
      Hispanic/Latino 3 2 67%
      Non-Resident Alien 1 1 100%
      Race and Ethnicity Unknown 1 1 100%
      Two or More Races 1 0 0%
      White 47 19 40%



      Financial Aid:

      Of the 55 students in the 2015 cohort, 16 received Pell grants.  Of the 16, 4 graduated.

      17 students in the 2015 cohort did not qualify for Pell grants but did qualify for Direct Subsidized Loans.  Of the 17 students, 13 graduated.

      22 students in the 2015 cohort did not qualify for Pell grants or Direct Subsidized Loans.  Of the 22, 9 graduated.

      Financial Aid Type Started Completed Percent
      Pell Grant Recipients 16 4 25%
      Direct Subsidized Loan, no Pell Grant 17 13 76%
      No Pell Grant or Subsidized Loan 22 9 41%




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