Programs Goals, Outcomes, and Technical Standards

Program Effectiveness Data

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) collects “Program Effectiveness Data” using current information provided by accredited programs on program completion rate, credentialing examination pass rate and job placement rate.

    • Program Completion Rate (calculated annually)

    • Credentialing Examination Pass Rate (five-year average)

    • Job Placement Rate (five-year average)

2016 Data

    • Annual Completion Rate

    • Credential Examination First-Time Pass Rate

    • Job Placement Rate

End-Of-Degree Student Learning Goals And Outcomes

    • Goal 1

    • Goal 2

    • Goal 3

    • Goal 4

    • Goal 5

Technical Standards

Completion of the degree at Kettering College signifies you are prepared for practice in your prospective field by meeting the technical standard requirements. Technical standards, as distinguished from academic standards, refer to the physical, cognitive, and behavioral abilities required for satisfactory completion of the curriculum. The essential required abilities include motor, sensory, communicative, intellectual, behavioral, and social aspects.

    • Specific Requirements of Each Program

    • Specific Requirements for Radiologic Sciences and Imaging Students

For more information about radiology related fields, visit the following websites:

American Society of Radiologic Technologists

Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists


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