Program Effectiveness Data, Goals, and Outcomes

Program Effectiveness Data

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) collects “Program Effectiveness Data” using current information provided by accredited programs on program completion rate, credentialing examination pass rate and job placement rate.

    • Program Completion Rate (calculated annually)

      The number of students who complete the program within a cohort compared to the number who enrolled in the cohort initially.

    • Credentialing Examination Pass Rate (five-year average)

      The number of graduates who pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) or an unrestricted state licensing examination (Radiography, Radiation Therapy, and Magnetic Resonance) compared with the number of graduates whose first attempt take the examination occurs within six months of graduation.  Note: for Medical Dosimetry, the credentialing examination is administered by the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board (MDCB).

    • Job Placement Rate (five-year average)

      The number of graduates employed in the radiologic sciences, within twelve months of graduation, compared to the number of graduates actively seeking employment in the radiologic sciences.

2023 Data

    • Annual Completion Rate

      17/21 = 81%

    • Credential Examination First-Time Pass Rate

      5-year average first-time pass rate (2019-2023): 94/114 = 82%

    • Job Placement Rate

      5-year average job placement rate (2019-2023): 100/100 = 100% Data obtained via personal (verbal or electronic) communication with former students, graduate and employer surveys, and/or professional communication with medical facility personnel.

End-Of-Degree Student Learning Goals And Outcomes

    • Goals

      Goal 1: Clinical Competency: Graduates of the program will demonstrate technical and clinical competence.

      Outcome: Students will apply appropriate positioning skills and central ray alignment.
      Outcome: Students create an exposure technique chart that can be used in the clinical setting.
      Outcome: Students will properly evaluate radiographic images for diagnostic value.

      Goal 2: Critical Thinking: Graduates of the program will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

      Outcome: Students will accurately manipulate exposure factors in non-routine/trauma situations.
      Outcome: Students will adjust positioning techniques in non-routine/trauma procedures.
      Outcome: Students will answer questions about radiation exposure and dose from the general public.

      Goal 3: Interpersonal Communication: Graduates of the program will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills by adapting terminology and knowledge to their field of study.

      Outcome: Students will demonstrate effective writing skills.
      Outcome: Students will demonstrate effective verbal communication skills.

      Goal 4: Continued Education: Graduates of the program will recognize the importance of continued growth and development in their profession.

      Outcome: Students will convey the value of professional growth and development.
      Outcome: Students will practice and apply professional attitude and behavior in the clinical setting.

      Goal 5: Ethical principles: Graduates of the program will function within the medical imaging profession’s ethical principles by providing professional and compassionate care to patients.

      Outcome: Students will demonstrate knowledge of and practice compassionate care as they apply it consistently to direct patient care.
      Outcome: Students will recognize and maintain patient information security at the clinical site.

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