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Kettering College Mask Requirement

As COVID-19 cases are rising, Kettering College is now requiring masks to be worn at all times by students, faculty, staff and visitors and the practice of social distancing while on our campus regardless of vaccination status–this is to protect yourself, your classmates or coworkers, friends, family and our community.

This requirement is based on current CDC guidance and the recent OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard.

For up-to-date information about the coronavirus and Kettering College, visit

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the MPAS program

    • When does the program begin?

      The MPAS program begins in May of each year.

    • When is the application deadline?

      Applications must be submitted electronically to CASPA by October 1 of each year.

    • How many students are accepted into the MPAS program?

      Kettering College accepts 60 qualified applicants per cohort.

    • Does Kettering College have a minimum GPA requirement and GRE score?

      Kettering College requires a minimum prerequisite science GPA of 3.0.  Please note a GPA of 3.0 or higher is no guarantee of admission.

      Kettering College also requires recent scores (within 5 years) from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). There is no minimum requirement for the GRE. All test scores are examined on an individual basis in light of the applicant’s complete portfolio. We do not accept the MCAT in lieu of the GRE.

    • What is your GRE code?

      Our GRE code is 7341.

    • Do I need to complete all the prerequisite courses before applying?

      No. You may have prerequisite courses still in progress prior to applying. They must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or higher prior to matriculation if accepted into program.

      Preference is given to applicants with the majority of academic work completed prior to application.

    • Are students allowed to waive courses or have advanced standing in the program?

      Students may not waive any course within the MPAS Program curriculum, nor does it accept students for advanced standing. (This includes graduates of foreign medical schools.)

    • How long is the MPAS program course of study?

      The program takes 27 months to complete. The first 15 months are spent on didactic and laboratory coursework and the following 12 months are spent in clinical rotations.

    • What are some examples of patient care experience (PCE) and do you have a minimum required amount of PCE hours?

      Examples of patience experience include: Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), Patient Care Associate (PCA), Phlebotomist, Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, Dietician/Nutritionist, EMT, Medical Mission Trips, Medical Scribe, Pharmacy Tech, EKG Tech, Surgical Tech, Respiratory Therapist, Nursing, Athletic Trainer.  Other experiences that require taking vitals, evaluating/triaging patients, bed side care, drawing blood, obtaining EKGs, etc.

      • The MPAS program does not have a minimum required amount of PCE hours but we highly recommend between 250-1000 hours. Shadowing a PA is also highly recommended and can count toward the recommended PCE hours.
    • Are students allowed to work while attending the MPA program?

      In order to enhance student learning and assure student success, it is highly recommended that students minimize the hours worked outside of the degree.  When students continue employment while enrolled in the MPAS program, work schedules must not interfere with class performance or clinical rotations schedules.

    • Is there a statute of limitations for any courses?

      Kettering College has a 10-year statute of limitations for the statistics course and all pre-requisite science courses.

    • How many letters of recommendation are required?

      Kettering College MPAS program requires 3 letters of recommendation with no more than 1 letter submitted from a professor.

  • Additional information about the MPAS Program

    • Immunization Requirements

      By August 15 of the entering year, FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS will be required to complete and supply documentation of:

      • Completed student health information form
      • Current health insurance
      • Physical exam
      • Current CPR – renewed accordingly
      • Completed Basic Safety Education in CANVAS – annual renewal
        • Includes HIPAA and bloodborne pathogens
      • Current immunizations
        • PPD – annually
        • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)
        • Varicella
        • Hepatitis B
        • Tetanus
        • Flu vaccine – annually
        • Optional: documentation of Polio and Hepatitis A vaccinations


      By August 15, SECOND-YEAR STUDENTS preparing to start clinical rotations in the fall semester must maintain the above list of requirements, as well as complete and submit documentation of:

      • Satisfactorily passing second background check
      • Current ACLS – completed within the program and will also require uploading of documentation
      • 10-panel drug screen (may be necessary to update depending on clinical site)
      • Fingerprinting (may be necessary to update depending on clinical site)
    • Background Check Requirements

      Incoming students are required to register with Castle Branch to complete an initial background check prior to starting the program. Upon registration with Castle Branch, instructions and details will be made available. Students are responsible for uploading the required documentation and any costs related to Castle Branch services (approximate cost: $95 initial cost at start of program with an additional $140 prior to starting clinical rotations.

    • PA Student Societies

      The Kettering College PA student society is named after Clinton Trott, M.D., who was the founding director of school’s PA department. All matriculating students are automatically members of the Society. The purpose of the Society is to foster professionalism and encourage students to become involved in professional activities.

      The incoming physician assistant class will elect officers in the summer semester, to include a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, student diversity committee representative, AOR representative, AOR alternate, HOD student delegate, Director of External Affairs, and any other positions that the student society deems necessary. All officers and representatives/delegates must become members of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA).

      A faculty/staff advisor, appointed by the student society officers, may be present at the student society meetings. Appropriate parliamentary procedures must be followed during all meetings. Meeting minutes, including treasurer’s report, must be recorded and archived.

      Society funds are not ordinarily used to fund social occasions or to purchase gifts other than special occasions or get-well cards for the PA “family.” Funds will not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. Faculty/staff advisor must approve use of funds.

      SAAAPA (Student Academy Of The American Academy Of Physician Assistants)
      Students are encouraged to participate in the SAAAPA functions at the national conventions. Two students will participate in political activities at the national conference. Representatives for House of Delegates (HOD) and Assembly of Representatives (AOR) will be determined by each individual class. Funds raised by the student society will help facilitate students attending the national conference as well as two students participating in political activities yearly.

    • International Medical Graduates

      Applications are accepted from international medical graduates (IMGs). The following is important information pertinent to the IMG:

      Advanced placement is not offered for IMGs; all PA students must complete the entire curriculum.

      IMGs must meet all prerequisite coursework.

      International transcripts will need to be evaluated by a service to establish equivalencies to U.S. university courses and grades. Evaluations are currently accepted from:

      World Education Services: (preferred)

      Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.:

      Applicants who are not permanent residents should refer to the Admission section of the Undergraduate Bulletin for information for international students.

      IMG applicants who have completed the USMLE Step 1 must submit a copy of their Score Report and USMLE Step 1 Performance Profile to the PA admissions coordinator.

      The role of a PA is a dependent practitioner under the supervision of a physician. IMGs who have worked as physicians in other countries may have difficulty accepting this role change.

If you have other questions about Kettering College’s MPAS degree, call (937) 395-8638 or e-mail


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