Student E-mail

Student E-mail

Your Kettering College e-mail account is where you will receive all official communication from the College, including messages from your professors.  It is a web-based system powered by Google’s Gmail and includes access to Google Apps.

Getting There

To access your e-mail account:


Navigate to (do NOT use “www” – it will not work).  It is also possible to access your account from  You will need to provide your FULL email address to access your email this way.

User ID-Enter

User ID-Enter your e-mail address as the user ID.  Your e-mail address is usually the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your middle name and full last  For example, if your name is Jane Emily Smith, then your e-mail address will be

If this doesn’t work, log in to the student portal and click “edit profile” under your name to verify your email.  Your user name for the student portal is the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your middle name and full last name (ex. jesmith).


The password for your student portal: capitalize the first initial of your first name, middle initial of your middle name, and first letter of your full last name + last 4 digits of your SSN ( ex. JESmith1234)

Your Email Password

Your email password will also initially be the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your middle name and full last name plus the last 4 digits of your social security number. Passwords are case-sensitive with the first, middle and beginning of the last name capitalized. (ex. JESmith1234)

Change your Email Password

You will be required to change this password on your first login. When you change your password you should use a “strong” password that you know you can remember.  A strong password is at least 8 characters long and contains a mix of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters such as #!$%^&*. *Note: We cannot look up your password.  Please remember it!



Forgetting a password can cause all sorts of problems (we cannot look them up).  In addition, we recommend do not select the option to have your computer remember the password as this only allows you to forget it.  Please enter it into the site every time you visit.

Questions or problems? Call the Kettering College IT Help Desk at (937) 203-8303 or e-mail

Google Drive

Every Kettering College e-mail account comes with a “Google Drive”, which enables you to store all of your files on the Internet and access them from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

To access your Google Drive, navigate to (again, don’t use “www”).

You will need to configure the account the first time, and we recommend that you download and install the Google Drive application if you are using your own computer.  It will make it much easier to access your drive’s contents.

You can now:

  • create personal folders (only you can see them)
  • create shared folders and then grant access to specific people
  • create public folders which can be viewed by anyone who has the link to those folders.

This is a great way to work smarter! 

Struggling with a technology issue?

Contact the IT Help Desk!


Applying is easy! Get started now.


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Request More Information


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