Frequently Asked Questions about the programs in Advanced Imaging

    • Does the certificate and bachelor students receive the same information for the modality?

    • Does your program meet the ARRT structured education requirement for certification and registration?

    • What is your first time ARRT registry pass rate?

    • What are the pre-reqs for the modalities?

    • Do I need to have an Associate’s degree to complete the certificate?

    • I am a registered nuclear medicine technologist. What modalities can I take?

    • Do you cover a review book?

    • Where can I do my clinical rotations?

    • Are the didactic and clinical offered in the same semester?

    • How often do I go to clinical?

    • What if I am unable to obtain the 125 ARRT exams in one semester?

    • How long is the certificate program?

    • How long is each modality?

    • How long do hospital contracts take?

    • Can I take bachelor courses while doing a modality?

    • Are the modalities offered online?

    • Are the modalities offered on campus?

    • Do I have to find my own clinical site?

    • Is this a post primary program or primary?

    • Is cross-sectional anatomy offered online?

    • How much money do I make?


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