Mission Statements

Our Guiding Statements

Our Mission…Is what we do.

Kettering College, born out of Adventist faith, offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in health science.  Upholding Christ, the college educates students to make service a life calling and to view health as harmony with God in body, mind, and spirit.

Our Vision…Is what we will become.

Innovation.  Superior graduates.  Passion for service and health.

Our Values…Are essential to fulfilling our mission and vision.

    • Trustworthiness

    • Innovation

    • Caring

    • Competence

    • Collaboration

Diversity Statement

As an institution of Christian higher education, Kettering College actively seeks and values individuals from diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  Diversity among students, faculty, and staff greatly enriches the educational experience and produces graduates who are able to provide high-quality, whole-person care to the communities they serve.

Learning Outcomes

Our Institutional Student Learning Outcomes represent the knowledge, skills, and attitudes fostered within the college experience.  These enable students to be successful in their personal, professional, educational and spiritual lives.  The learning outcomes are assessed within the academic majors and courses of study.  The assessment results are used to improve the learning experience. 

Our mission honors the Adventist view of health as harmony with God in body, mind, spirit, and service as a life calling.  Our mission calls us to Christ-like service, and serves as the foundation of our five B.A.S.I.C. institutional student learning outcomes.

B.A.S.I.C. for undergraduate

Broad Integrative Learning

Student demonstrates broad integrative knowledge of disciplines outside the students’ specific field of study. What life lessons are you learning?

Applied Learning

Student demonstrates the ability to put knowledge to use in a new practical context, such as classroom settings, clinical/laboratory, or mission experiences. How do you use what you learn?

Specialized Learning

Student demonstrates appropriate use of, and fluency in, specialized terms, vocabulary, technologies, and methods of the specific field of study. How are you becoming an expert?

Intellectual Skills

Student demonstrates continued development in reading comprehension, oral and written communication and quantitative analysis in projects, papers and professional performance. In what ways are you smarter?

Civic Engagement

Student engages in serving human need using knowledge and skill from both integrative and specialized curricula in community/global settings. how are you engaged in your community?

B.A.S.I.C. for graduate

Broad Integrative Learning

Students actively engage in inter-professional collaboration and team building. What life lessons are you learning?

Applied Learning

Students use innovative clinical reasoning across diverse populations and systems. How do you build on what you learn?

Specialized Learning

Students demonstrate expert use of and fluency in specialized terms, vocabulary, technology, and methods of the specific profession. How are you becoming an expert?

Intellectual Skills

Students critique research to use and generate evidence-based practice. In what ways are you thinking as an evidence-based practitioner?

Civic Engagement

Students use a servant leadership model to serve, care, and enhance lives within local, regional, and/or global communities. How are you leading your communities?



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