Course Equivalencies

Determining Transfer Course Equivalencies

For transfer credit to fulfill a specific Kettering College course requirement, the course for which transfer credit is desired must be closely equivalent in content and approximately equivalent in credit hours to the required course.  If content equivalency is not met, the student may be required to take additional coursework to achieve close content equivalency.

The Transfer Evaluation Committee will

  • evaluate and award as appropriate transfer credit for basic or general education courses at the undergraduate level as defined in the transfer credit policies.
  • evaluate and award transfer credit as appropriate for basic or general education courses at the undergraduate level as defined in the transfer credit policies.
  • complete a review of course descriptions and, course syllabi to determine content equivalency. Student may be required to submit one or both if course is questionable.
  • complete a review of course descriptions, to determine credit hour equivalency.

In order for transfer credit to be considered for meeting the religion core requirement, religion courses must have been taken at faith-based institutions.

Acceptable Credit

A course is transferable if:

  • Coursework must be from an institution with regional accreditation, such as from the Higher Learning Commission. 
  • Transfer credit approval is valid for admission to the program of study for a period of one year from the approval date. If entry into the program of study is delayed for more than a year, transfer credit will be re-evaluated for applicability.
  • Specific courses must be with set time limits to be suitable for transfer credit. To be eligible for transfer, math and science courses must be taken no more than 10 years prior to program entry date. Students admitted into the Bachelor of Science in Health Professions or Bachelor of Science in Nursing completion programs are exempt from time limits.
  • International transcripts must be accompanied by official translations and course-by-course evaluations done by a reputable international evaluation service. If your transcripts from secondary school or college are in a language other than English, they will need to be officially translated by World Education Services (
  • Courses must be both content and credit equivalent — quarter-to-semester hour conversion: quarter hours multiplied by .67 equals semester hours (i.e. 5 quarter hours  X .67 = 3.35 semester hours).
  • Content equivalent courses, which are short in credit hours must meet program of study requirements.
  • Kettering College’s programs of study require a C (2.0) or higher for all coursework. All courses with a grade of C (2.0) or higher, required for specified program of study will be transferred.
  • Students may submit a written request to remove a course from their transfer credit if they plan to repeat the course at Kettering College.
  • Course credits may not exceed maximum transfer credit. Kettering College residency requirement: For each degree, there is a limit on how many credits a student may transfer
    • Associate degree:  30 semester hours of transfer credit.
    • Bachelor of Science completion: 30 semester hours of transfer credit.
    • Bachelor of Science: 60 semester hours of transfer credit.
  • Credit by examination, such as CLEP and AP, will be treated as transfer credit.
  • Courses described as program of study or didactic courses may be evaluated by department chairs to determine content and credit equivalency. Students may request these courses be evaluated by submitting a course syllabus to Department chairs will submit a written recommendation of transfer credit to the Records office. To meet residency requirements, limits on transfer credit remain the same.
  • It is recommended for students who have more transferable credits than the maximum allowed for residency requirements; work directly with the Records Office to determine which credits will be transferred.


Non-transferable Credit

A course is not transferable it if is:

  • Course work completed at transferring institution as developmental or non-college level courses are not transferrable.
  • Completed with a C- (1.70) and Kettering College’s program of study do not accept grades below C (2.0).
  • Completed with a D+ or lower.
  • Designated as a remedial course, developmental course, or not intended for college credit.
  • Full sequence required to meet content and credit equivalency is not completed.
  • Coursework granted from a transferring institution based on institutional examinations, when the course is not assigned a final grade or given quality points.
  • Audit: Transfer Credit is not awarded for course work audited at the transfer institution.
  • Course work taken after the student has enrolled at Kettering College, which has not been pre-approved may not be transferrable to current program of study.

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