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Kettering College Mask Requirement

As COVID-19 cases are rising, Kettering College is now requiring masks to be worn at all times by students, faculty, staff and visitors and the practice of social distancing while on our campus regardless of vaccination status–this is to protect yourself, your classmates or coworkers, friends, family and our community.

This requirement is based on current CDC guidance and the recent OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard.

For up-to-date information about the coronavirus and Kettering College, visit



  • OTD Curriculum

    • Semester 1 - Fall

      Semester 1

      OTD 500 Human Occupations 3    
      OTD 503Occupational Therapy Theory, Science, and Justice 3    
      OTD 510 Evidence-based Practice 3    
      OTD 515Neuroscience for the Occupational Therapist 2    
      OTD 516Neuroscience for the Occupational Therapist Lab1
      OTD 550Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice 13
      OTD 552Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice Lab 11
      RELP 514 Bioethics from Clinical and Christian Perspectives 2    
        TOTAL CREDITS 18    
    • Semester 2 - Winter

      Semester 2

      OTD 502Bioethics from an Occupational Therapy Perspective   1  
      OTD 525Kinesiology   2  
      OTD 526Kinesiology Lab   1  
      OTD 545Pediatric Occupational Therapy Management   2  
      OTD 551Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice II   3  
      OTD 553Pediactric Occupational Therapy Practice II Lab   1  
      OTD 560Level I Fieldwork: Pediatric1
      OTD 600Graduate Research and Literature Review Development2
      OTD 601Graduate Research and Literature Review Development Lab1
      RELP 516 Christian Service and Human Flourishing   2  
        TOTAL CREDITS   16  
    • Semester 3 - Summer

      Semester 3

        FallWinter Summer
      OTD 505Introduction to the Doctoral Experience     0.5
      OTD 512Research Statistics for Graduate Studies2
      OTD 535Cultural Contexts & Therapeutic Relationships in Occupational Therapy2
      OTD 602Research Group and IRB Proposal Lab1
      OTD 645Adult Occupational Therapy Management2
      OTD 652Assistive Technology     2
      RELP 601 Applied Spiritual Care I     1
        TOTAL CREDITS     10.5
    • Semester 4 - Fall

      Semester 4

      OTD 605Doctoral Experience Preparation Lab 0.5    
      OTD 615 Data Analysis in Graduate Research 1    
      OTD 616 Data Collection/Analysis Research Group Labs 1    
      OTD 633 Occupational Therapy Practice with Psychosocial Conditions 3    
      OTD 634 Occupational Therapy Practice with Psychosocial Conditions Lab 1    
      OTD 650 Occupational Therapy Practice with Adult Orthopedic Conditions 3    
      OTD 656Occupational Therapy Practice with Adult Orthopedic Conditions Lab1
      OTD 665Level I Fieldwork: Psychosocial1
      OTD 691Pediatric Case Application and Exam1
      OTD 755Medical Conditions3
      RELP 602Applied Spiritual Care II1
        TOTAL CREDITS 16.5    
    • Semester 5 - Winter

      Semester 5

      OTD 657Occupational Therapy Practice with PAMS and Orthoses Lab2
      OTD 658Occupational Therapy Practice with PAMS and Orthoses Lab1
      OTD 670 Level I Fieldwork: Adult   1  
      OTD 705Dissemination in Graduate Research Lab   1  
      OTD 720 Organizational Leadership   1  
      OTD 721 Organizational Leadership Lab   1  
      OTD 730Professional Preparation for Clinical Practice   1  
      OTD 735Clinical Reasoning Lab   1  
      OTD 752Occupational Therapy Practice with Adult Neurological Conditions   3  
      OTD 753Occupational Therapy Practice with Adult Neurological
      Conditions Lab
      OTD 791Adult Case Application and Exam1
        TOTAL CREDITS   14  
    • Semester 6 - Summer

      Semester 6

        Fall Winter Summer
      OTD 760  Level II Fieldwork A     6
      OTD 835Occupational Therapy Service Management I (online)     2
        TOTAL CREDITS     8
    • Semester 7 - Fall

      Semester 7

        Fall Winter Summer
      OTD 761 Level II Fieldwork B 6    
      OTD 845Occupational Therapy Service Management II (hybrid) 1    
      OTD 891 Comprehensive Exam 1    
        TOTAL CREDITS 8    
    • Semester 8 - Winter

      Semester 8

      OTD 810 Doctoral Experience   8  

    • Total Credits for Degree

      100 credits


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