Campus Safety

Campus Safety

The Kettering Health Police Department (KHPD) provides safety and police services for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  KHPD provides a full range of police services to our 15 medical facilities.  We are a fully functioning police department similar to your local police department where you reside and can investigate crimes and make necessary arrests on any of our campuses when the need arises.  We currently maintain approximately 150 officers across seven counties which makes us the 8th largest police department in the State of Ohio.  We provide lock-out services, jump starts, student/visitor escorts, and investigate other crimes that can occur at our locations along with many other essential police functions. 

Police Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in student concerns and frequently patrol the college campus at all hours.  All students and employees can assist in continuing to make the college a safe place by reporting any suspicious activity. The safety of our students is of the utmost importance at Kettering College.

Below you find information on our fire procedures and other safety procedures along with our yearly crime statistics and some safety tips. 

If you need to contact a police officer you can reach the Police Dispatch Center at 937-395-8695.  For any non-emergency inquiries, you may also email us at

Campus Safety Tips for Employees and Students

We have very safe campuses throughout our organization, however, crime can happen anywhere at any given time.  No community is entirely crime-free.  You should always be prepared for the unexpected and safe when traveling to and from campus.  Below are just a few of many possible safety tips we recommend employees and students practice.

  • Take precautions after dark:
    • Use the buddy system when walking at night.
    • Call for a police escort. Call the dispatch center for your campus and ask for an escort to your vehicle.
    • Park in a well-lighted area.
    • Know where you are going before you head out.  
    • Don’t use headphones while going to your car.
  • Be careful getting into your car:
    • Most people don’t think to look in their backseat or under the car before getting behind the wheel. A predator could potentially be hiding in one of those locations—especially if you tend to leave your car unlocked or keep your windows rolled down (don’t do that!)
    • Have your keys or key fob ready well before you reach your vehicle. You don’t want to fumble with your keys under duress if someone is fast approaching you.
    • Look around your vehicle and vehicles parked next to you. Check out all sides so you can see if there’s someone sitting alone, loitering, or hiding near your car.
    • Don’t multitask when you’re heading to the car. If you grabbed cash from the ATM or have a sudden hankering for the last mint at the bottom of your bag, wait until you’re safely inside your car. Distraction isn’t your friend when it comes to safety.
    • Never leave valuables in plain sight. Items like backpacks, purses, laptop cases, or packages should be covered or put in your trunk. Even better, take high-value items with you.
  • Report any suspicious behavior you see to your local campus Police office.  It is good practice to have your local campus dispatch phone number programmed into your phone should you need to contact us quickly.
    • Emergency Procedures and Policies

    • Weather and School Closing Announcements

      Occasionally, we need to delay or close due to weather-related concerns or emergency situations.  We will determine which option to use:

      • Delayed opening (time will be specified)
      • Closed
      • Evening classes canceled

      It is our intention to initiate the delay or closing as early in the day as possible.

      Delays or closings will be communicated via the following methods:

      Note:  A large red section will appear at the top of the home page, with detailed information our current status.  It is recommended that you check the home page frequently for updated information.

      App Notification via ALERTUS

      Every student, faculty and staff member, needs to download the Alertus app (iOS or Android) onto their mobile device in order to receive emergency alerts.

      Once the app is downloaded follow these instructions:


      1. Enter code: ketteringcollege
      2. Enter your email address
      3. You will receive a confirmation email. Open the email and click confirm
      4. Make sure you select “allow notifications”


      Follow the same instructions above, use your email address.

      Local Television and Radio Outlets

      In the event of a delay, closing or emergency, multiple television and radio stations in the Dayton and Cincinnati areas will be contacted with the appropriate information.  We cannot guarantee stations will broadcast the delay/closing information, so it is recommended that you use the other methods mentioned above to stay informed.

      WDTN-TV (ch. 2)

      WHIO-TV (ch. 7)

      WKRC-TV (ch. 12 Cincinnati)

      WKEF-TV (ch. 22)

      WRGT-TV (ch. 45)

      CinCW (Cincinnati)

      WMUB-FM 88.5

      WYSO-FM 91.3

      WROU-FM 92.1

      WGTZ-FM 92.9

      WZLR-FM 95.3

      WLQT-FM 94.5

      WHIO-FM 95.7

      WHKO-FM 99.1

      WDKF-FM 99.9

      WDHT-FM 102.9

      WXEG-FM 103.9

      WTUE-FM 104.7

      WMMX-FM 107.7

      WHIO-AM 1290

      WING-AM 1410


    • Automobile Regulations

      All students driving vehicles are required to register them with the College and secure a current parking sticker.  On-campus parkers  are expected to abide by Kettering Health regulations.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for parking policies and procedures. You are encouraged to allow sufficient time to park your vehicles before class.


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