Kettering College Classes Meeting Online, Faculty & Staff Working Remotely, Due to Coronavirus ... Learn More

Kettering College Classes Meeting Online, Faculty & Staff Working Remotely, Due to Coronavirus

Kettering College has moved all face-to-face classes and business operations online as we take precautions to keep our students, faculty, and staff safe during the current novel coronavirus pandemic.

All student activities & events, including those on campus are canceled until further notice.

Student Services (Admissions, Financial Aid, and Records), and Academic Support (tutoring, Writing Center, career services, and advising) have also moved online. It is still their priority to serve students, answer questions, and enroll students for the upcoming semesters.

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Commencement Speakers

Our Previous Commencement Speakers

We are honored to have a special group of commencement speakers over the years.  Thank you to everyone who has shared their wisdom and inspiration with our Kettering College family.
1969 – A. Graham Maxwell

1970 – George H. Akers

1971 – Herbert E. Douglass

1972 – A. V. Black

1973 – Raymond A. Roesch, S.M.

1974 – Robert J. Kegerreis

1975 – David H. Ponitz

1976 – Dr. Francis X. Shea

1977 – Frank Knittel

1978 – Russell Nelson

1979 – Lynn Foll

1980 – Richard Barron

1981 – Marlowe H. Schaffner, M.D.

1982 – Pressley C. McCoy, Ph.D.

1983 – Winton H. Beaven, Ph.D.

1984 – Donald A. McAdams, Ph.D.

1985 – N. Clifford Sorensen, Ed.D.

1986 – Robert L. Willett, M.B.A.

1987 – Norman J. Woods, Ph.D.

1988 – Robert J. Kegerreis, Ph.D.

1989 – Marlowe H. Schaffner

1990 – Gordon Madgwick

1991 – Edward D. Motschiedler

1992 – Richard C. Osborn

1993 – George B. Nelson

1994 – Herman G. Brant, Ph.D.

1995 – Karen R. Fellows, Ph.D.

1996 – Dave Ponitz, Ph.D.

1997 – Slimen Saliba, Ph.D.

1998 – The Honorable Tony Hall

1999 – James Londis, Ph.D.

2000 – Frank Perez, M.A.

2001 – Cari M. Dominguez, M.A.

2002 – Brother Raymond Fitz, Ph.D., S.M.

2003 – Congressman Michael Turner

2004 – Delbert Baker, Ph.D.

2005 – Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D.

2006 – Samuel Betances, Ed.D.

2007 – Raj Attiken, D.Min.

2008 – Alvin D. Jackson, M.D.

2009 – Karl Haffner, Ph.D.

2010 – Pete Luongo

2011 – Frank Perez, FACHE

2012 – Richard Hart, Dr.PH., M.D.

2013 – College Video

2014 – Lisa Diller, Ph.D

2015 – Leslie Martin, Ph.D
List compiled by Kettering College president’s office.


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