Academic Appeals Information

Academic Appeals Information

Q: Where can I find information on the Appeal Process?
A: The formal appeals process is available in the College’s Student Handbook (‘Academic Appeals’) and website.

Q: What can I appeal?
A: You may appeal an academic decision, including a grade assignment made by an instructor.

Q: When should I appeal?
A: You may appeal an academic decision if you, as the affected student, can demonstrate that:

  1. A mistake was made in making the decision, such as a miscalculation of a point total;
  2. The decision was made by misinterpreting or inconsistently applying a College policy, including course policies set forth in a course syllabus;
  3. The decision was made in an unfairly discriminatory manner or a manner that clearly reflects bad faith or incompetence on the part of the decision-maker; or
  4. The decision-maker did not account for relevant information or extraordinary circumstances that ought to have been considered in making the decision and that warrant an exception to the decision in a particular case.

Q: How should I make the appeal?
A:  You, as the affected student, should work with the instructor and/or chair to resolve a concern or a complaint informally before initiating a formal appeal. If this informal approach is unsuccessful the procedure outlined in both the College’s Student Handbook (‘Academic Appeals’) and website should be followed, which includes the general steps:

  1. Meet with the Instructor
  2. Appeal to the Chair
  3. Appeal to the Dean, whose decision is final

Q: What additional guidelines should be considered when making my appeal?

  1. A student who wishes to appeal an academic decision must do so within fifteen school days after the decision is posted.
  2. Beyond informal resolution described above, an appeal must be in writing and should note which specific reason(s), as outlined above (see “When should I appeal?”), the student claims in support of the appeal for an alteration of the earlier decision. The student should attach all available supporting documentation and should, if appropriate, identify persons who can provide evidence relevant to the appeal.

The procedure provided in both the College’s Student Handbook (‘Academic Appeals’) and website will be used, including adherence to all relevant dates and timeframes, unless an academic dean provides written authorization of modifications.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about the appeals process?
A:  All appeals-related questions should be directed to your faculty member or department chair.

A student who is not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal/grievance process may file a complaint with the Ohio Department of Education at


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