MPAS Admission Requirements

How To Apply

All physician assistant, except for 2+3*, Kettering College applicants, must apply through applications through Central Application Service for Physician Assistants ( Applications must be submitted no later than Oct. 1. Applications are then reviewed by program and select applicants are granted an interview. If you have questions about Kettering College’s MPAS degree or the application process, call (937) 395-8638 or e-mail

Prerequisite Courses

Biochemistry (lab optional) 4
Developmental OR abnormal psychology 3
General Biology with lab 4
General Psychology 3
Human Anatomy with lab 4
Human Physiology with lab 4
Microbiology with lab 4
Organic Chemistry I with lab 4
Organic Chemistry II with lab 4
Statistics 3
Total Credits

Note: Science prerequisite courses must have been completed within the last 10 years.

Interview Selection Criteria

Candidates are selected for an interview based on the following (each of which is required for consideration):
    • Only completed applications will be considered
    • Having completed a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or be on track to complete a degree prior to admission of the next class
    • Completion of prerequisite courses with no more than 4 prerequisite courses outstanding at the time of application
    • Transcripts must reflect a minimum GPA of 3.0 for all prerequisite courses with no grade lower than a C
    • Completion of Graduate Record Exam (GRE Code 7341)
    • Completion of the Altus Suite/ CASPer assessment (click on link for Altus Suite/CASPer instructions)
    • Completion of Patient Care Hours (250 to 1,000 hours recommended)*
    • Submission of three letters of recommendation

*Quality and quantity of patient care hours: Applicants will be rated on both the type of patient care hours and the number of completed experiential hours at the time of application. There is no requirement for minimum number of patient care experience hours, however it is highly recommended that applicants complete at least 250 hours, which could be obtained in, but not limited to the following roles: STNA, CNA, EMT, or paramedic, lab tech/phlebotomist, medical scribe, EKG technician, surgical technician, pharmacy technician, respiratory care practitioner, radiological technologist, medical mission worker. It is also highly recommended that the applicant gain some exposure to the PA profession by shadowing a PA.

Applicants from the following groups are afforded preference in the selection for interview:

    • Students taking at least 12 semester credit hours at Kettering College
    • Honorably Discharged Veterans
    • Seventh-Day Adventist students

Admissions Criteria

Applicants are appraised for admission based on the following criteria:

    • GPA analysis of complete academic coursework
    • Academic performance in prerequisite courses
    • GRE Scores
    • Altus Suite/CASPer score
    • Quality and quantity of patient care hours
    • Evaluation of recommendation letters
    • Interview session

Advanced Placement Policy
The Kettering College PA program does not award advanced placement for coursework taken prior to enrollment in the PA program.

Acceptance Into the Program
Applicants offered a seat for the current matriculating class must acknowledge acceptance within the timeframe noted in your acceptance letter and forward a signed Acceptance Form and a non-refundable $1000 acceptance deposit to hold a seat in the class.

Admission Deferrals
The Kettering College PA Program does not routinely consider requests for deferred admission. Students who have accepted a seat in the incoming class and paid their deposit may petition the Admissions Committee for a deferral should they be faced with a life event that will preclude them from matriculating as scheduled. Requests for deferred admission should be made in writing to the program’s Admission Counselor, Mary Guzman, at Students should be detailed in their requests and fully explain the reason(s) why they will be unable to matriculate with their appointed class. Decisions are made by the Admissions Committee on a case-by-case basis and are not subject to appeal. Deferral decisions are routinely processed within two weeks of receipt of a written request.

Profile of an Average Admitted Student to the MPAS program

Matriculating Class2019202020212022
Cohort Size60606060
Average Undergraduate GPAHighest - 4.0
Average - 3.62
Highest - 4.0
Average - 3.68
Highest - 4.0
Average - 3.72
Highest - 4.0
Average - 3.74
Average Science Prerequisite GPAHighest - 4.0
Average - 3.57
Highest - 4.0
Average - 3.62
Highest - 4.0
Average - 3.70
Highest - 4.0
Average - 3.70
Gender Female - 47
Male - 13
Female - 47
Male - 13
Female - 49
Male - 11
Female - 48
Male - 12
Average Age 23232323

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