MPAS Graduate Competencies

Kettering College PA graduate competencies are guided by the Competencies of the PA Profession published by the American Academy of Physician Assistants and by the program’s own mission and goals. The competencies are divided into the five broad categories noted below. In the last four months of the educational program, each student must demonstrate proficiency in each of the twenty-six competencies in order to graduate.

  • MPAS Graduate Competencies

    • Patient-Centered Medical Knowledge

      Graduates of the KC PA Program will:

      1. Demonstrate adequate medical knowledge across the age and body system spectrum.
      2. Make an appropriate referral and/or follow up of patients.
      3. Incorporate understanding of medical science when determining disease etiology.
      4. Utilize critical thinking skills to provide patient care.
      5. Correctly order and interpret diagnostic tests.
      6. Initiate appropriate interventions for preventable conditions.
      7. Utilize screening recommendations for disease prevention.
      8. Create an appropriate differential diagnosis.
      9. Appropriately manage patients according to evidence-based guidelines.
      10. Recognize the indications for principal therapeutic interventions
    • Interpersonal & Communication Skills

      Graduates of the KC PA Program will:

      1. Appropriately document information regarding patient care.
      2. Demonstrate professional composure.
      3. Use effective listening and nonverbal communication skills to effectively communicate with others.
    • Patient-Centered Clinical Care

      Graduates of the KC PA Program will:

      1. Elicit an accurate patient history.
      2. Effectively perform a physical exam.
      3. Demonstrate caring and respectful behaviors when interacting with patients and their families.
      4. Communicate effectively so that patients can understand the information being conveyed to them.
      5. Competently perform medical and surgical procedures considered essential in the area of primary care.
      6. Demonstrate competence related to cultural diversity and inclusion.
    • Professional and Legal Aspects of Health Care

      1. Evaluate the impact of legal and regulatory requirements of the practice of medicine.
      2. Demonstrate an adequate fund of knowledge regarding the ethical principles pertaining to provision of or withholding of clinical care.
      3. Exemplify professional behavior as expected of a PA
      4. Address personal strengths and weaknesses appropriately.
    • Health Care Finance & Systems

      Graduates of the KC PA Program will:

      1. Describe the funding sources and payment systems that provide coverage for patient care.
      2. Summarize the larger context and systems of healthcare.
      3. Appraise the resources within the system that aid in providing optimal quality health care.

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