A.S. in Radiologic Technology Curriculum

    • First Year - Fall Winter Summer

    • Second Year - Fall Winter

    • Total Credits for Degree

Radiologic Sciences – Clinical Education

The radiologic sciences and imaging programs offer a wide variety of clinical education sites.  These include hospitals, independent imaging centers, and physician offices.  Clinical hours may vary from site to site and will include evening rotations for radiologic technology students.  These assignments will be within a 70-mile radius of the College.  Students must provide their own reliable transportation to clinical education sites.

Applicants to any of the radiologic sciences and imaging programs must realize that each program is limited in size by its credentialing agencies and the availability of clinical rotations.  It is not possible to accept more students than accrediting agencies approve and the clinical education sites permit.
Each student entering one of the radiologic sciences and imaging programs must present current immunization verification that meets the Kettering College requirements. (Some clinical sites may have additional health requirements and require background checks.)

Clinical Hours For Radiologic Technology

Fall 16 hrs./week x 7 weeks 112 hours

Winter 16 hrs./week x 15 weeks 240 hours

Summer 24 hrs./week x 10 weeks 240 hours

Fall 24 hrs./week x 15 weeks 360 hours

Winter 24 hrs./week x 15 weeks 360 hours

TOTAL 1,312 hours

Note: The hours listed above are an approximation and may vary from semester to semester due to scheduled college recesses and holidays.  If circumstances warrant, the student may be granted a period of time longer than five semesters to complete the clinical competencies.  The student shall not exceed 40 hours of combined clinical experience and didactic contact hours per week.  No more than 25 percent of the clinical time will be scheduled during the evenings


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