Guide for Leadership

  • To-Do Checklist

    • Before Start Date

      Welcome letter: Prior to the start day for the new employee, arrange an onboarding setup notification for the organization. Send a welcome message and customize it to the new hire and department for a formal introduction. When sending a letter to the new hire, direct them to the New Hire Onboarding portal on the college website with a complete list of items for new hire to complete prior to start.

      Scheduling and Job Duties:

      • Identify any needs the employee may have if relocating to the area in conjunction with HR
      • Pre-schedule uninterrupted time to regularly meet with new employee about a month leading up to official start time to orient them and help them feel connected
      • The leadership/Supervisors of the department/division will decide how many meetings in the pre-month are needed for appropriate pre-orientation
      • Schedule one-on-one meetings with critical faculty/staff during the first two weeks
      • Prepare the employees calendar/schedule for the first two weeks, so the new hire is aware of the schedule and expectations at the start
      • Create folders for the new employee, such as needed for accreditation and one for personal information; medical information is not to be kept in this file
      • Review employee’s position and job description during one of the scheduled meetings
      • Put together an orientation packet for the employee, this can direct the employee to the New Hire Onboarding portal on the website
      • Monitor pre-employment screening and Kettering Health network orientation through HR


      • Update the department website contact information
      • Assign a mentor to aid in the onboarding process over the next year; this will be the go-to point person for the new hire over the next year
      • Meet with mentor to provide guidance, suggestions, and tips
      • Items to discuss are process familiarization and importance of roll
      • Meals
      • Breaks (if applicable)
      • Clocking (if applicable)
      • Payroll

      Work space and Other Places: (as applicable)

      • Establish the designated work area for new hire
      • Arrange for work area keys to be ordered
      • Confirm details needed to create business cards
      • Name plate
      • Uniform
      • Confirm faculty/staff is on correct mailing lists, teams in Microsoft, etc.
      • Ensure work badge is created and provides access to appropriate locations within the college and hospital
      • Arrange for a parking pass and location new hire should park


      • Review appropriate technology equipment (computer, printer, laptop, iPad) and software
      • Contact local IT to have the system set up in advance for on-campus and remote workers
      • Set up phone extensions


    • First Week Meeting New Hire

      Objective: New employee builds knowledge of internal processes and performance expectations; begins to settle into the new work environment.

      First Day:

      • Review that all new hire documentation forms are complete
      • Discuss job description, responsibilities, and expectations again
      • Do a local campus orientation tour of the college and the locations important to the department
      • Check that their badge does provide new hire with access

      Connect with KC family:

      • Have mentor meet with new hire
      • Introduce to faculty and staff within the department and those that are important in the college

      Work spaces and Other Places:

      • Provide any keys needed to the work area and department
      • Provide the new hire with department specific safety and emergency protocol
      • Provide new hire with staff/faculty directory which includes phone numbers
      • Provide a new badge and parking pass, give parking location information
      • Take the employee on a tour of the college and locations important and specific to the department, this should also include employee health
      • During the tour, check that badges do give the new employee access to designated locations

      Technology: Ensure that new hire has access to:

      • Outlook via their desktop and online
      • MS Teams
      • One Drive online access
      • Any other applications that are department specific
      • Educational applications
      • Check that the new hire has completed assignments in HealthStream



      First Week meeting with New Hire:

      • Review organization structure of the college
      • Department and college policies including regalia/graduation gown ordering process
      • New hire’s role within the department and college
      • Expected hours of work each week
      • Introduction to other roles/persons in the college
      • Explain how to navigate the college culture
      • What is expected of new hire for annual evaluations
      • Set goals (30, 90-day mark) for new hire and mentor
      • Ensure payroll is set up if not done during KH orientation
      • Ensure they have access to benefits center and HealthStream
      • Discuss Kettering College culture
    • By the End of the First Month

      Objective: Employee is aware of their performance relative to the position and expectations; continues to develop, learn about the university and unit, and build relationships.

      Benefits Deadlines and Wellness: Check-in that new hire has met benefits deadline

      Scheduling and Job Duties: 

      • Schedule a meeting after 30 days to review observations on performance
      • Check in on any issues and priorities
      • Confirm all mandatory training is complete
      • Establish a plan for professional development (example: in PA is PAEA new faculty skills conference)
      • Elicit feedback from new employee


      • Continue to introduce new employee to new people that they may not have met in the first few weeks
      • Meet with mentor and new employee to review experience and answer questions
      • Explain expected meetings new hire should attend for the college such as: Convocation, Assembly, Faculty Forum, etc.

      Learning and Development: Enroll new hire in any department specific learning programs focused on their job description.

      Technology: (as applicable)

      • Review and or reintroduce HealthStream
      • edu
      • Intranet Staff page
      • UltiPro
      • Faculty portal
      • KC policies
      • Social media.
      • Introduction to classroom technology or technology specific to the department

      Policies: The new hire should continue to familiarize themselves with college policies as well as policies specific to department and accrediting bodies, which are department specific

    • First 3 months

      Objective: Employee is becoming fully aware of their role and responsibilities and begins to work independently and produce meaningful work. They continue to feel acclimated to the environment, functionally and socially.

      Benefits Deadlines and Wellness: Continue to remind new employee benefits deadlines and wellness opportunities within the network.

      Job Duties and Expectations:

      • Continue with monthly meetings to ensure new hire is on track with onboarding
      • Continue with assigning tasks and scheduling work appropriate for level of new hire
      • Finalize any written performance goals and professional development goals to date


      • Check in the employee and mentor to ensure relationship is progressing
      • Identify opportunities for the new employee to interact with team members regularly
      • Consider shadowing during projects

      Learning and Development:

      • Ask for the employee’s feedback on the onboarding process and their development thus far
      • Make sure they are on track to complete any required training
      • Reflect on formal and informal learning

      Policies: Employee should continue to familiarize themselves with college polices, employee should be familiar by six months


    • First 6 months

      Objectives: Employee has gained momentum in completing work, taking the lead on some initiatives, and building relationships with peers. The employee feels confident and is engaged in the new role while continuing to learn.

      Benefits and Wellness: Wellbeing and wellness should be an ongoing conversation as starting a new role/job is stressful. Have a conversation regarding their wellbeing.

      Performance Management Conversation:

      • Engage in a six month check in with employee and discuss current performance
      • Review their progress on professional development goals


      • Encourage the employee to start to engage in any service initiatives which may be associated with the college
      • The employee should shadow 2-3 committees over the next six months to gain further understanding

      Learning and Development Opportunities: Ensure learning goals for the department are being met

    • By the End of the 1st Year


      • The employee is fully engaged in new role-applies skills and knowledge
      • Makes sound decisions
      • Contributes to team goals
      • Understands how their assignments affect others in the organization
      • Develops effective working relationships
      • They understand Kettering College’s mission and culture
      • The employee continues to be engaged in their role and has gained greater confidence in their position
      • Begins to take on additional assignments and works with some level of autonomy

      Celebration and Looking Ahead:

      • Celebrate and praise success and employee contributions
      • Continue with regular feedback
      • Depending on the start date, the annual review process should have occurred
      • Ask the employee about their expectations of their role and their experiences thus far
        • Do they feel they are knowledgeable about processes within the college?
      • Plan and discuss their second year and any potential assignments


      • Solicit employee’s feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the onboarding experience
      • The employee should be fully engaged with college-wide meetings and special events
      • Encourage the new employee to join a committee, discuss what would be an appropriate fit

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