• Frequently Asked Questions about the MPAS program

    • When does the program begin?

    • When is the application deadline?

    • How many students are accepted into the MPAS program?

    • Does Kettering College have a minimum GPA requirement and GRE score?

    • What is your GRE code?

    • Do I need to complete all the prerequisite courses before applying?

    • Are students allowed to waive courses or have advanced standing in the program?

    • How long is the MPAS program course of study?

    • What are some examples of patient care experience (PCE) and do you have a minimum required amount of PCE hours?

    • Are students allowed to work while attending the MPA program?

    • Is there a statute of limitations for any courses?

    • How many letters of recommendation are required?

  • Additional information about the MPAS Program

    • Immunization Requirements

    • Background Check Requirements

    • PA Student Societies

    • International Medical Graduates

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