Guide for New Employees

  • What you should know

    • Before Start Date

      Kettering Health Orientation:

      • Complete the mandatory general orientation through Health Streams (Kettering Health’s learning platform) on the KH Intranet (if no access, contact KH Recruitment). KH orientation will provide organization overview and information regarding culture and expectations.

      Kettering College Orientation – Meet and Greet:

      The onboarding mentor or department leadership/supervisor will reach out to schedule college orientation:

      • Tour of campus facilities and introduction to college personnel
      • Review Kettering College website “About” pages including:
        • Our Campus
        • Mission/Vision/Values Statements
        • Adventism
        • College Leadership and Board of Directors, etc.
      • Advise to read over Benefits on KH intranet MyHR
      • Offer support, initiate conversation, and answer questions.
    • First Week

      Objective: On the first day and the first week, we hope that the employee feels welcomed and prepared to start working in the KC environment. During this week, he/she will learn more about job responsibilities, receive information about their work space, become familiar with the campus and technology requirements.

      Start Day:

      • Finalize all hire documentation
      • Leadership/supervisor will discuss job description, responsibilities, and expectations
      • First week’s work schedule
      • Review first week meetings

      Connect with KC family:

      • Meet coworkers
      • Meet the mentor as assigned by the leadership/supervisor

      Work space and Other Places:

      • Obtain access/keys to the work space
      • ID badge can be used for access, copier, and purchasing.
      • Receive department specific safety and emergency information
      • Tour of the department and the college (with mention of each department to build familiarity)
      • Locate and visit food places such as cafeteria and Anna Mae’s Café
      • Check out classrooms and meeting places
      • Pick up parking pass at Campus Security
      • Review Kettering College website, especially “Faculty and Staff” tab and all connected pages at the top
      • Mail service – mail can be picked up or sent at the college front reception desk & closets


      Technology: (as applicable to position)

      • Obtain network email and Ultipro access
      • Obtain college email, Google mail address, (this can only be done after filling out the “New Employee Form” as indicated in the Before Start Date list)
      • Set up Outlook/Office 365 access on-campus/off-campus
      • Canvas access on-campus/off-campus
      • College Wi-Fi access through “KC Personnel”
      • Microsoft Teams basics
      • Faculty Portal
      • Phone/voice mail with off-campus access
      • IT Helpdesk process
      • Library website access on-campus and off-campus
      • Copy room access
      • The Ricoh system for prints, scanning, and copies
      • Classroom technology


      Meeting with Leadership/Supervisor:

      • Organizational chart and how the new employee’s job fits into the department and the college
      • Expected hours of work
      • How to navigate college culture
      • Go over department goals/learning outcomes/programmatic accreditation if applicable
      • How to set goals including periodic check-ins and formal yearly evaluations
      • Set up meeting with leadership/supervisor (30, 90-day mark) and mentor
      • Ask about campus specific policies and their locations
    • First Month

      Objective: Employee will become familiarized with his/her position and role at Kettering college, continue to learn about the institution, the expectations of the position, and build relationships with peers.

      Benefits Deadlines and Wellness:

      • Review and finalize benefits options
      • Set up meetings with retirement experts regarding retirement plans, life insurance, and employee wellness especially if required for health insurance enrollment

      Scheduling and Job Duties: (Ask questions throughout the entire month)

      • Verify that a 30-day from hire meeting is scheduled between employee and leadership/supervisor
      • Confirm if/how work-related priorities are understood
      • Develop a plan for professional development (internal as well as external opportunities for conferences, training sessions)
      • Update the leadership/supervisor on the relationship with the assigned mentor
      • Express concerns—if any—elicit feedback, and provide suggestions
      • Supply ordering process
      • Regalia/graduation gown ordering process as applicable
      • Textbook and required reading communication with e-bookstore & library (if applicable)
      • Classroom location assignment/reservation through registrar


      • Continue meeting various people at the college and learn what their roles are
      • Meet with the onboarding mentor
      • Attend department or college scheduled events such as convocation, assembly, faculty forum, etc.
      • Expect the leadership/supervisor and mentor to explain the organizational structure of the college as well as define the significance of events/meetings scheduled organization wide

      Learning and Development:

      • Review the information provided during the first week
      • Discuss any need for additional information on the history of Kettering Health, and/or how Kettering College fits into its organizational structure
      • Engage in department/division meetings as assigned
      • Ask leadership/supervisor about college policies, events, and governance structure (committees)
      • If faculty, set up appointment with the College Reference Librarian for instruction on resources available to implement curriculum
      • Review process on how to submit required reading textbooks to eCampus


      Technology – Review or learn about: (as applicable)

      • HealthStream
      • edu
      • Intranet MyHR
      • UltiPro
      • College management system
      • KC policies
      • Social media
      • Learning management system
      • Online meeting environments
      • Concur
      • VidGrid
      • ExamSoft
      • Tableau
      • ECampus
      • Lockdown Browser
      • Scantron
      • Separate A/V & other equipment available at Learning Commons


      • Continue to gain familiarity with college policies as well as policies specific to department and accrediting bodies, which are department specific

      KC employees must also be familiar and abide by all Kettering Health policies: ask the mentor or/and leadership/supervisor about how they apply to one’s specific role within the organization

    • By Month 3

      Objective: By the end of the first quarter, the employee should be fully aware of his/her role and responsibilities. They should begin to work independently and produce meaningful work. Continue to get acclimated to the environment, functionally and socially.

      Benefits Deadlines and Wellness:

      • Retirement, health and life insurance benefits, employee wellness, and other Kettering Health benefits should be clear
      • Should be efficient in accessing information on the intranet, especially as it pertains to personal data

      Job Duties and Expectations:

      • Continue to meet monthly with the leadership/supervisor and mentor to ensure a successful onboarding
      • Start writing professional goals (see Learning and Development below)


      • Consider becoming part of a small work group in the department or within the college as this will provide opportunity to learn details about organizational projects and ongoing work
      • Continue to regularly connect with other employees and find people who have shared similar personal and professional interests

      Learning and Development:

      • Identify areas of professional interest and express these areas to the leadership/supervisor as well as the mentor
      • Ask about yearly employee evaluations and goals that should consider moving forward
        • Provide ideas and feedback on the kind of professional development suitable for growth: classroom learning and teaching strategies, accreditation, technology related are some examples
      • Are there very specific requirements that must be met to maintain licensure and professional certification?


      • Continue to become familiar with college policies and online resource/KC website
      • Ask about all programs offered at the college and use the KC website to become familiar with the particulars for each (enrollment, degree type, accreditation, recruitment practices)
      • Finalize familiarity with enrollment, accreditation, recruitment, and policies of the program
    • By Month 6

      Objectives: Employee has gained momentum in completing work, taking the lead on some initiatives, and building relationships with peers. He/she feel confident and is engaged in the new role while continuing to learn.

      Benefits and Wellness: Ongoing conversation and monitoring of benefits eligibility

      Performance Management Conversation:

      • Engage in a six-month check-in with the hiring leadership/supervisor and discuss current performance, this may be an in-depth review of faculty and student evaluations as well
      • Review performance on professional development goals


      • Start to engage in any service initiatives which may be associated with the college
      • Shadow 2-3 committees over the next six months to gain further understanding or governance structure at KC

      Learning and Development Opportunities:

      • Identify strengths and explore how they could add value to the college then seek opportunities to use these strengths in areas where assistance is needed
      • Employee should be an active participant in department meetings
      • Employee should have better defined goals for the rest of the academic year
      • Meetings with leadership/supervisor and mentor should have more focus on specific requests to grow professionally, areas of improvement as identified by the leadership/supervisors/students, personal growth, and suggestions moving forward
    • By One Year Anniversary

      Objective: Employee is fully engaged in the new role, applies skills and knowledge, makes sound decisions, contributes to team goals, understands how work assignments impact others in the organization, and develops effective working relationships. Employee also understands Kettering College mission and culture. He/she continues to be engaged in the new role and has gained greater confidence in the position; employee also begins to take on additional assignments and work with some level of autonomy.

      Celebration and Looking Ahead: Celebrate and praise success for all contributions

      • Continue to ask for and provide regular feedback
      • Plan and discuss goals for the second year
      • Inquire about potential new assignments
      • If faculty, discuss student advising


      • Employee should be fully engaged with college wide employees, familiar with college events, and specific program related functions
      • Make final decisions on what committee he/she would feel comfortable joining; this decision is between the employee and the department director

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