Humanities Department

Welcome to the Humanities and Social Sciences Department

HUSS Statement of Purpose

Would you like to feel more connected to yourself, the moment, the world, God, and others around you? The Humanities and Social Sciences department at Kettering College empowers you to make connections so you can become a better healthcare provider and find deeper meaning in your life and career.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Kettering College augments the clinical programs by exploring the wholistic context of human life. The department also offers the minor in Spiritual Care, which is available for all students to complete within their degree program.

The Humanities and Social Science department offers learning opportunities in:

  •  Art: Discover and understand the human experience through creative artistic expression.
  • English Composition and Communication: Develop effective critical thinking, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Literature: Broaden readers’ perspectives, helping them to be more empathetic and knowledgeable.
  • Music: Create and express emotions and stories through music.
  • Social Sciences: Examine human behavior and the ways in which individuals and groups interrelate in cultures and societies.
  • Spirituality: Explore divine, religious, biblical and theological foundations to develop skills in wholistic well-being and care for self and others.

Students will also become familiar with the discipline of Healthcare Humanities, which is the integration of the Humanities and Social Sciences with the biomedical model of medicine. All of these classes help you to be attentive by training you to observe and apply the details of your own and the patient’s narrative. They lead to a better trust relationship with the patient, more accurate diagnosis of healthcare issues, financial savings for the family and healthcare system, and better resilience for healthcare employees.


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