Finance Vouchers Through Online Bookstore

Using Finance Vouchers Through Online Bookstore

What is a book voucher? 

Using a book voucher at eCampus provides you with an opportunity to order and receive the textbooks you need without having to pay upfront for the books.  By using the voucher, you agree to have eCampus send your textbook bill to the college, we then add your book costs to your Kettering College student account.  This gives you the opportunity to pay your book costs off throughout the semester with the financial aid you have already been awarded and/or make payments to the college on the balance.

How do I purchase books through eCampus?

eCampus accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, checks, PayPal, and book vouchers

Can I use my federal financial aid to purchase my books through eCampus?

Yes, students who have completed the financial aid process and been awarded federal financial aid may elect to use their financial aid to purchase their books through eCampus. A book voucher will be issued by eCampus to all students who have been awarded federal financial aid. It is imperative that all financial aid paperwork be completed as early as possible to insure there is no delay in receiving your book voucher to make your book purchases.

How does the book voucher program work for federal financial aid recipients?

  • Kettering College sends eCampus a list of all students who have registered for the upcoming semester that have been awarded any type of federal financial aid (including Federal Pell Grant and/or Federal Direct Loans).
  • eCampus will email each of the students on the list a voucher ID. The email containing the voucher ID from eCampus will be sent to your Kettering College email account. The voucher ID can be used to obtain your textbooks through eCampus’s website. eCampus will notify Kettering College of the total amount you spent with them. Kettering College will then apply the exact amount you spent with eCampus to your student account.
  • The book voucher amount is currently set at $1,400 per semester for all federal financial aid recipients and may be used to purchase both required and recommended course materials.
  • eCampus will send Kettering College a weekly report letting us know the exact amount each student spent. For example — if you are authorized to spend up to $1400 on your voucher, but you only end up spending $400 on your course materials, we will apply the actual $400 charge to your student account.
  • The charges from eCampus will be applied to your student account before any financial aid credit balance is issued. If you do not have adequate financial aid to cover your tuition, fees, books, etc., you can make payments on the balance throughout the semester, making sure you have your student account balance below $100 prior to the registration for the next semester.
  • The vouchers will only be valid for a set period of time; please make note of the expiration date on the voucher information you receive each semester. If you need to purchase course materials through eCampus after the voucher expiration date, you must pay out-of-pocket.
  • Book vouchers will not be available to students anticipating receiving federal financial aid for the next semester if they were placed on Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid Warning for the current semester until all of their final grades have been submitted and we can confirm that they are once again making satisfactory progress.

I don’t have federal financial aid, but I receive funding from a third-party (i.e. Chapter 31, TAA, employer tuition assistance, etc.) that pays Kettering College directly for my books. Am I eligible to get a book voucher?

Yes, it is possible for you to receive a book voucher to purchase your books through eCampus, as long as your sponsoring organization pays Kettering College directly for your book purchases. Students who receive third-party funding should contact Michele Dock, Kettering College student accounts representative, to determine if they are eligible to receive a book voucher and to learn the steps they should follow so the third-party sponsor can be billed for your book costs. Students receiving Chapter 31 benefits should contact Melissa Franklin, Kettering College VA representative, for additional steps you must follow to ensure your books will be covered.

What if I have been awarded a book voucher and the total cost of my books for the semester exceeds the book voucher limit of $1400?

If your book costs exceed the $1400 book voucher limit, you have a couple of options. First option, you may use the $1400 book voucher and then pay the remaining balance to eCampus with any of the payment options listed above. The second option, you may submit a request to the Director of Student Finance, along with your class schedule and textbook cost documentation from eCampus’s website, for consideration. If the request is granted, your book voucher amount may be revised and/or reissued.

How will I be credited if I need to return to eCampus a book that I purchased with a book voucher?

If eCampus issues a credit for the returned book that was purchased using a book voucher (refer to the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions section of eCampus’s website for their return policies), the credit will be applied to your Kettering College student account. Please allow 2 weeks for the eCampus credit to appear on your Kettering College student account.

I was given a voucher ID from eCampus, but I want to purchase my books from another online text book company. Can I use the voucher with the other company?

The voucher can only be used with eCampus. If you choose to purchase your books through another company, you will need to pay for the course materials out-of-pocket.

Can I purchase supplies on campus?

Supplies may still be purchased through the Kettering Medical Center Gift Shop using your student ID card and billed to your student account.

Who can I call if I have questions about my voucher?

Contact Melissa Franklin in the Student Finance Office at (937) 395-6022 with questions about your finance voucher. Please utilize the online bookstore’s Support Center for assistance with questions or concerns about using the bookstore itself.


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