• About the Library

    • What are the library's hours?

      Library hours are posted on the Library Home Page

    • What do I need to borrow materials from the library?

      Students:  your Student ID card

      Faculty and staff:   your employee ID badge

    • How do I get a library card?

      Your ID card is also your library card.   


    • How do I get to library resources off campus?

      Start at the library home page;

      Go to the library resources you want to use and click the link;

      A login screen will display.

      Login Screen

      Students:enter your Student Portal login and password;

      Faculty and Staff: enter your network login and password.

      Students–not sure about your student portal login and password? Contact the IT Help Desk.

    • I clicked a link and a Wright State University login screen displayed.  What do I use for my ID#?

      This login screen is for Wright State University faculty, staff, and students only.

    • How do I access my library account?

      Start at the library home page.

      Click the Books/Media tab.

      Click the My Account link below the search box.

      At the login screen enter your name and your Library ID#

    • What is my library ID#?

      Students:  your student ID# + the last 4 digits of your SSN;

      Faculty and staff:  your network login without the k

    • Why can't I find the Kettering College Library catalog?

      Kettering College does not have its own catalog.  We participate in a shared catalog with Wright State University.

    • I'm trying to access a resource and have been taken to an OhioLINK login screen. What do I do?

      If it asks for your institution, select Wright State University and click submit.

      At the login screen, use the right side for Affiliates/Guests.  Enter your name in the first box in the order indicated.

      For your ID#:

      Students: use your student ID#+the last 4 digits of your SSN;

      International student without an SSN: use just the last 5 digits of your student ID#;

      Faculty/staff: use your employee ID# without the k

  • Requesting Items

    • The library doesn’t have a book that I need.  Can I get it someplace else?

      • Search the OhioLINK catalog to see if a member library has it and request it.
      • The book will arrive in 3-5 business days.
    • How do I request books, DVDs, etc. from another library?

      • Click the Request button for the item;
      • Select Wright State University as your institution;
      • Select the affiliates option on the right.
      • Enter your name and your ID#
      • Students:  Your student ID+ the last 4 digits of your SSN;
      • Faculty and staff:  your network login without the k
      • Select a Pickup Location and click Submit. 
      • Unless there is a problem, you will see which library has received the request. 
      • For additional information, click the Help  tab on the Library home page then click How to Request Books to download a PowerPoint tutorial.
    • It asks me to select my institution but Kettering College is not listed.  What do I do? 

      • Select Wright State University
    • How will I know when my request has arrived?

      • If the library has an email address on file for you, you will receive an email when an item arrives.
      • If you are registered with the Library Elf, you will receive a text message or an email notifying you that an item has arrived.  Ask at the circulation desk for information about registering for Library Elf.
      • You can also check your account which will show when items have arrived.
    • My request has arrived but I can’t pick it up today.  Will the library hold it for me?

      • Items are held for one week.
  • Renewing/Returning Items

    • Do I have to come to the library to renew materials I have checked out?

      • No, you may also call the circulation desk at 937 395-8053 x2 or you may access your library account online and renew items there.
      • Items cannot be renewed more than a week prior to the due date or if another patron has a hold on the item.
      • Overdue items, reserve items and audiovisual materials cannot be renewed online.
      • To access your online library account, go to the Books/Media tab on the library home page.  Click the My Account link located below the search box.
      • For your ID#:
      • Students:  last 5 digits of your student ID#+last 4 digits of SSN
      • Faculty: last 5 digits of your employee ID#
    • Where do I return items that I have borrowed?

      • During hours the library is open, place returns in the book drop at the far right of the circulation desk.
      • When the library is closed, put returns in the book drop located to the right of the entrance.
    • Can I return items to another library?

      • Yes, as long as it is an OhioLINK member library.
  • Fines

    • What is the fine for an overdue item?

      Kettering College:

      • Kettering College Library does not charge fines
      • Replacement charge for lost item:  cost of item plus $10.00 processing fee

      Wright State and Lake Campus Libraries:

      • Wright State University Libraries do not charge overdue fines
      • The minimum replacement fee for any lost or damaged book, periodical, or media item is $75 plus a $25 processing fee and any additional fines; or a billing fee, if applicable.

      OhioLINK Libraries::

      • OhioLINK items: $.50/day/item
      • Returning an item that has been billed and/or is more than 30 days overdue will incur a $50 fine
      • Replacement fine for lost item: $125.00 per item

    • Who can I speak with about a fine?

      Speak with the circulation supervisor.

    • How do I take care of paying a fine?

      • Fines must be paid in the library.
      • Fines may be paid either with cash or a check.
      • Checks should be made out to Kettering College Library
  • Reserve Items

    • My professor has items on reserve.  Where can I find them?

      • Reserve materials are kept behind the circulation desk.
      • To use a reserve item, go to the circulation desk and speak with the staff member on duty. 
      • You will need your student ID to borrow a reserve item.
      • Reserve items are grouped by the name of the instructor, so you will need to know the name of the instructor and also the title of the item.
    • How long can I have a reserve item?

      • Most reserve items are checked out for 2 hours.
      • Some are checked out  for 24 hours.
      • You will be told if an item can be checked out for 24 hours.


    • Can I take a reserve item home?

      • Items with a 2 hour checkout period must be used in the library.
      • Items with a 24 hour checkout period may be taken home overnight.
    • Can I reserve a reserve item?

      No, reserve items are available on a first come first serve basis.

  • Study Rooms

    • Are there study rooms available in the library?

      Yes, there are multiple study rooms on the lower level of the library

    • Can I renew a study room?

      No, you cannot renew a study room.

    • Can I reserve a study room for a specific date and time?

      Yes, you can reserve a study room for a specific date and time by using the study room reservation system.

  • Copying, Printing and Faxing

    • Are there photocopiers in the library?

      Yes, the printers are also photocopiers. There is a printer/copier on each floor of the library.


    • How much does it cost to make a photocopy?

      Photocopies are $0.05/page for black and white copies and $.25/page for color copies.

       The cost of photocopies is charged to the student’s account.

    • Can I make color photocopies?

      Yes, Printer/copiers make color copies.

    • Can I print documents from the library computers?

      If you are a currently registered student you are able to print from the library computers.

    • Do I have to pay to print from the computers?

      Yes, you must pay to print.

      The cost of printing is charged to your student account.

      The charge for printing in black and white is $0.05/ page (front and back if desired)

      The charge for color printing is $.25/page

    • How much does it cost to print a document?

      $0.05 per page (front and back if desired) for black or gray scale printing

      $0.25 per page for color printing

      Printing is charged to your student account.

    • How do I pay for printing?

      Printing is charged to your student account.


    • Where are the printers located?

      There are two printers:

      One on the first floor of the Learning Commons;One in the student lounge area on the lower level of the Boonshoft.

    • Where do I go to get the document I printed?

      You can release documents you have sent to the printer at any campus printer by logging onto that printer.  Your documents will be listed in your print queue.  Select a document a click print or click print all.

      There are two printers:

      One on the first floor of the Learning Commons;One in the student lounge on the lower level of the Boohshoft

    • Can I choose the printer to which I send a document?

       No, but you are able to release your print job at any one of the available printers.

    • Can I print in color?

      Yes, color printing is available. The charge for color printing is $0.25/page

    • Does the library provide faxing services?

      The printer/copier on the first floor of the library can send faxes. Press the “System Home” button in the upper left of the display panel to access the fax option. Need help?
      Ask a member of the library/IT staff.

  • Wireless Access

    • Is there wireless access in the library?

      Yes, the library has wireless access, but it is not a public network, so you must configure your laptop.

    • How do I connect to the wireless network?

      Open whatever application your device uses to manage wireless networking.

      Create a new wireless connection. Enter your computer credentials

      If you need additional assistance please contact the IT Help Desk  @ 937 203-8303 or speak someone at the IT Help Desk which is located on the first floor of the library at the circulation desk .

    • I'm having problems connection to the wireless network.  Where can I get help?

      If you need  assistance please contact the IT Help Desk  @ 937 203-8303 or speak someone at the IT Help Desk which is located on the first floor of the library at the circulation desk.


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