• About the Library

    • What are the library's hours?

    • What do I need to borrow materials from the library?

    • How do I get a library card?

    • How do I get to library resources off campus?

    • I clicked a link and a Wright State University login screen displayed.  What do I use for my ID#?

    • How do I access my library account?

    • What is my library ID#?

    • Why can't I find the Kettering College Library catalog?

    • Can I check out journals?

  • Requesting Items

    • The library doesn’t have a book that I need.  Can I get it someplace else?

    • How do I request books, DVDs, etc. from another library?

    • It asks me to select my institution but Kettering College is not listed.  What do I do? 

    • How will I know when my request has arrived?

    • My request has arrived but can’t pick it up today.  Will the library hold it for me?

  • Renewing/Returning Items

    • Do I have to come to the library to renew materials I have checked out?

    • How many times can I renew an item?

    • Where do I return items that I have borrowed?

    • Can I return items to another library?

  • Fines

    • What is the fine for an overdue item?

    • Who can I speak with about a fine?

    • How do I take care of paying a fine?

  • Reserve Items

    • My professor has items on reserve.  Where can I find them?

    • How long can I have a reserve item?

    • Can I take a reserve item home?

    • Can I reserve a reserve item?

  • Study Rooms

    • Are there study rooms available in the library?

    • Can I just go ahead and use a study room if it is empty?

    • How long can I have a study room?

    • Can I renew a study room?

    • Can I reserve a study room for a specific date and time?

  • Copying, Printing and Faxing

    • Are there photocopiers in the library?

    • How much does it cost to make a photocopy?

    • Can I make color photocopies?

    • Can I print documents from the library computers?

    • Do I have to pay to print from the computers?

    • How much does it cost to print a document?

    • How do I pay for printing?

    • Where are the printers located?

    • Where do I go to get the document I printed?

    • Can I choose the printer to which I send a document?

    • Can I print in color?

    • Does the library provide faxing services?

  • Wireless Access

    • Is there wireless access in the library?

    • How do I connect to the wireless network?

    • I'm having problems connection to the wireless network.  Where can I get help?


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