• Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing FAQ

    • Do I need a specific bachelor's degree to be accepted into the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing track (A-BSN)?

      No, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree (any major) from an accredited college or university. You will need to complete the prerequisite coursework before being accepted into the A-BSN track.

    • What are the requirements needed to be eligible for this track?

      1. The A-BSN track accepts candidates who hold a previously earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university.
      2. A cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher in the previous degree.
      3. A minimum grade of C (2.0) in all required prerequisite courses and a minimum prerequisite GPA of 2.8.
      4. All biology and chemistry courses have been taken within the past 5 years.
      5. The following 7 prerequisites must be completed before starting the A-BSN track:
        • Anatomy &Physiology I and II (with lab)
        • Chemistry
        • Microbiology (with Lab)
        • Pathophysiology
        • Statistics
        • Human growth and development
    • Can I take prerequisites at Kettering College?

      Applicants can take prerequisite courses at Kettering College or transfer in completed courses that meet transfer equivalency. To apply to take prerequisites at Kettering College, fill out the application found on and select “PTTC (permissions to take courses)” as your major. For more information on transfer equivalency for courses already successfully completed, email the registrar’s office at

    • How will I know if the courses I have completed will fulfill the prerequisite requirements for the Accelerated Nursing Option?

      Review our prerequisite courses so that you can compare them to the course description of the prerequisite course you have taken or plan to take. Once you have submitted your transcripts, the course will be reviewed for course equivalent. We also recommend Transferology to determine if a course will fulfill a requirement.

    • How long does the A-BSN track take to complete?

      • The track is 4 semesters including a combination of online, blended, and face-to-face in 7-week courses. If each course is completed successfully with continuous enrollment, the track can be completed in 15 months (1.3 years), excluding prerequisites. Classes would take place during Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters.
      • The track provides a focused curriculum that prepares students with the knowledge to pass the NCLEX-RN® and enter the nursing profession with confidence and the skills to provide wholistic patient care.
    • Where will my clinical/lab experiences take place?

      • Clinical rotations are hands-on at Kettering Health and other Dayton-area health care facilities.
      • Nursing simulation labs are held at Kettering College. Nursing simulation labs provide a hands-on environment that is risk-free with supportive faculty that allows the student to apply nursing theory into practice—building confidence and developing critical nursing skills and clinical judgment.
    • Will I be in the same classes as the traditional first-degree BSN program students?

      No. Students in the accelerated BSN will be taught the same content; however, the courses are designed for second-degree students covering the content in a shorter timeframe.

    • Can I work while in this program?

      Nursing faculty and administration strongly advise that students do not work at all while in this program. School would need to be the student’s first priority while completing your degree as this track will be very intense, fast-paced, and a minimum of 8 hour days. The return on the investment of this time commitment is that students earn a BSN degree very quickly preparing students to enter a very hot job market for nurses.


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