Kettering College Plans for Fall 2020 Semester Due to Coronavirus ... Learn More

Kettering College Plans for Fall 2020 Semester Due to Coronavirus

Kettering College is prepared to deliver a quality academic experience while keeping the safety of our students, staff, and faculty at the forefront as we return to campus for the fall 2020 semester.

Classes begin Monday, August 31.

  1. A blended method of instruction will be used. We will have a combination of face-to-face and online learning experiences.
  2. Clinical training will be face-to-face at clinical sites and through simulation activities on campus.
  3. Laboratory work will primarily be on campus.
  4. Lecture or didactic work will be a combination of face-to-face and online delivery.

For more details about the fall semester, visit

For up-to-date information about the coronavirus and Kettering College, visit



B.S. in Respiratory Care Curriculum

    • First Year - Fall Winter Summer

      FIRST YEAR FallWinterSummer
      CHEM 105 Chemistry for Health Sciences 4    
      HIST History Sequence I 3    
      ENGL 101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3    
      MATH 155 College Algebra 3    
      PSYC 112 General Psychology 3    
      BIOL 119 Human Anatomy  Physiology I   4  
      COMM 215 Introduction to Human Communication   3  
      HIST History Sequence II   3  
      HUMN Humanities elective   3  
      SOCI 115 Sociology   3  
      BIOL 129 Human Anatomy and Physiology II     4
      HUMN Humanities elective     3
      KETC 101 Medical Terminology      1
      PEAC 178 Wellness      1
      PEAC Physical education elective     1
      TOTAL CREDITS 16 16 10
    • Second Year - Fall Winter Summer

      SECOND YEAR FallWinterSummer
      RELB 101 Seventh-day Adventist Fundamental Beliefs

      and the Healing Ministry of Christ
      RESB 100 Survey of Respiratory Care 1    
      RESB 110 Integrated Respiratory Care Sciences  2    
      RESB 205 Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology  3    
      RESB 310 Cardiopulmonary Assessment  3    
      RESB 307 Respiratory Protocols (with lab) 3    
      RESB 308 Clinical 1 Respiratory Protocols 2    
      ENGL 118 Writing and Research in the Health Care 

      RESB 312 Cardiopulmonary Pathology   3  
      RESB 330 Respiratory Care Pharmacology   3  
      RESB 317 Respiratory Protocols II (with lab)   3  
      RESB 318 Clinical 2 Respiratory Protocols   2  
      RELP 316Spirituality in Healing and Health Care   3  
      RELP 254 Morality and Medicine: Christian Perspective on Bioethical Issues     3
      RESB 335 Pulmonary Diagnostics     3
      RESB 324 Introduction to Critical Care (with lab)     3
      RESB 326 Clinical 3 Diagnostics & Critical Care     2
      TOTAL CREDITS 17 17 11
    • Third Year - Fall Winter Summer

      THIRD YEAR FallWinterSummer
      HESC 431 Teaching Learners in Health Care  3    
      SOCI 375 Cultural Diversity in Health Care 3    
      RESB 407Critical Care Case Management (with lab) 3    
      RESB 344Introduction to Neonatal Pediatric Respiratory Care 3    
      RESB 320 Cardiopulmonary Monitoring   3    
      RESB 408 Clinical 4 Respiratory Critical Care 2    
      HESC 348 Concepts of Management and Leadership in Health Care   3  
      MATH 215 Probability and Statistics   4  
      RESB 410 Outpatient Respiratory Care Services     2  
      RESB 417Advanced Practice in Neonatal Respiratory Care (with lab)   3  
      RESB 420 Respiratory Care Capstone   2  
      RESB 418 Clinical 5 Advanced Critical Care   2  
      HESC 318 Introduction to Health Care Research     3
      RELP 306 Spiritual Dimensions of Death and Dying     3
      RESB 426 Respiratory Care Summative Practicum     6
      TOTALS 171612
    • Total Credits for Degree   



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